As a kidlet, I was definitely a ‘better safe than sorry’ kind of kid. Change was an unnecessary side product of life, and one that I strived to avoid at all costs. Change was scary, unsettling, disarming and often led to challenges that I just wasn’t willing to face. As a teenager, changes were bad. […]

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“What’s the hardest thing about being vegan?”


Chats about being vego are really the one topic of conversation that I stay, pretty uncharacteristically, quiet about. Unless prompted, I will just hang out with my vegan wang out and enjoy my meal in peace. But, every now and again, [and I mean that literally, I’ve been so so lucky with my amazing friends […]

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Makin’ me teary – [aka shit worth sharing]


I’m usually all about sharing the ‘making me happy’ kind of stuff. And, look, this title is a little misleading because the links below are both emotional but oh-so-very heart warming. So consider this the ‘making my tears flow over a smiley face’ post. 1 // Pixar have done it again. This incredible and powerful […]

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5 Travel Hacks [technology stylez]


I’m a pretty simple little human. Remarkably flawed in a number of areas. And whilst I may not know fashion, or grace or poise … if there is anything that I know in life it’s probably within the realm of thrift and shortcuts; and travel. So today’s post is dedicated to my two loves – […]

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So, you want to do a Contiki?


I spoke about it briefly in a previous post about solo vs group travel, but now that I’m home on Aussie soil and have satiated my Contiki thirst [so to speak], I feel like I’m in a position to share a little insight with those of you who are unsure about this company and what […]

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VEGAN EATS – The UK Edition


// London // The “fast food” hits – Leon and Pret. Organic and dairy free porridge in the morning, wraps and salads for lunch, delicious coconut milk coffees. These quick stop shops were a lifesaver for the days where I wanted to prioritise walking and exploring on foot, and the days where my travel budget […]

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Ridin’ Solo [on the road as a solo traveller]


If you, like myself, find yourself a little single, with friends who are doing all sorts of wild and amazing ventures but none of which align with your own travel plans or destination desires, you may opt for a solo adventure and consider traveling independently. Now as I work through the pros and cons in today’s […]

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LONDON CALLING – adventures of a first time U.K. dweller


I didn’t know how I would vibe with London – im a self admistted (newly forged) country girl. Totally sensitive to the frenetic pace and busyness that big cities often attract or induce. So I was quite cautious that putting aside 10 days to explore London was a total lapse of judgment and is soon […]

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A few weeks ago, I found myself harbouring pretty low vibe, unkind thoughts. Dem thoughts reserved for the most vulnerable of moments – in a change room, gettin’ nekkid with a new lover, heading to the beach in a sea [pun intended] of 10s – the typical playground for our ‘mean gal’ to be handed […]

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There’s been an inner stirring, growing stronger each day, begging me to get back to writing and just to sit and chill for a bit. But carving out that sacred time has been a little challenging lately. Because, life. I’ve found lately that erry body around me has been caught up in the most recent […]

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