VEGAN EATS – The UK Edition


// London // The “fast food” hits – Leon and Pret. Organic and dairy free porridge in the morning, wraps and salads for lunch, delicious coconut milk coffees. These quick stop shops were a lifesaver for the days where I wanted to prioritise walking and exploring on foot, and the days where my travel budget […]

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Ridin’ Solo [on the road as a solo traveller]


If you, like myself, find yourself a little single, with friends who are doing all sorts of wild and amazing ventures but none of which align with your own travel plans or destination desires, you may opt for a solo adventure and consider traveling independently. Now as I work through the pros and cons in today’s […]

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LONDON CALLING – adventures of a first time U.K. dweller


I didn’t know how I would vibe with London – im a self admistted (newly forged) country girl. Totally sensitive to the frenetic pace and busyness that big cities often attract or induce. So I was quite cautious that putting aside 10 days to explore London was a total lapse of judgment and is soon […]

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A few weeks ago, I found myself harbouring pretty low vibe, unkind thoughts. Dem thoughts reserved for the most vulnerable of moments – in a change room, gettin’ nekkid with a new lover, heading to the beach in a sea [pun intended] of 10s – the typical playground for our ‘mean gal’ to be handed […]

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There’s been an inner stirring, growing stronger each day, begging me to get back to writing and just to sit and chill for a bit. But carving out that sacred time has been a little challenging lately. Because, life. I’ve found lately that erry body around me has been caught up in the most recent […]

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Vegan is not a dirty word.


I’m going to preface this little piece by totally and heart openly declaring that I ain’t someone who fears change. If anything, I fear stagnation and [too much] stability. That’s not to say it’s how I’ll be forever, but it’s for now. On the spectrum of a measure for my comfort and joy, with ‘sameness’ […]

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They say that admitting you have a problem is an integral part of healing your addiction. So, here it goes … I’m Emily and I’m a podcast-a-holic. Total sluz for the podcasts. Absolutely cannot get enough. Would pod all day, every day, if I could. Podcasts have exploded into our world over the past few […]

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Blessed Bookshelf – This Year’s Top Contenders [SO FAR]

Brooklyn Art Library

// TEXT BOOK ROMANCE // Purchased on a whim after a girlfriend had recommended it and had suggested it might be an interesting read for this single pringle. My biggest girl crush and all around sparkly dose of girl powered inspiration [Zoë Foster Blake] wrote a book about romancing in the modern era. Sounds simples. […]

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// excepts from a South American travel diary //


[I recently discovered the tattered little journal that I carted around South America with me in 2016 – and the memories, a year on, are still as joy//happiness//heart bust inducing as they were when they were scribbled down. So what better way to upkeep the ‘travel’ portion of the blog (whilst my current travel plans […]

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