The Curious Case of the Curious Adult


As kids, we are curious AF. It’s the driving force behind absolutely everything that we do and pursue. Curiosity is what compels us to try weird and wonderful flavour combinations [chocolate sauce on spaghetti, hell yeah]; it urges us to see what happens when we try skating over that big jump; it beckons us to find out more about that other kid in the playground; it sparks an interest in learning to read to taste and discover and learn more about the world around us. Curiosity is, it seems, crucial to growth and development and that’s why we are essentially walking, talking, smiling beacons of curiosity between the ages of 1 to 12.

In adolescence, we become curious about other things. More ‘experiential’ curiosity. What would it be like to do x [no pun intended]; feel y and be z ? Our curiosity leads us to greater and more diverse relationships [as we start to become insanely more curious about either the opposite or same sex – in ways we hadn’t really entertained in the past]; we sort of define our own sense of identity with our interests [curious to know all that we can about a particular sport; band or hobby]; we find our little space in the world and start to get a greater sense of who we wish to be in it [our curiosity unlocks our passions and talents, which might just unlock our vocational work or career].

Insanely curious little bugs aren’t we?

And then, without warning, curiosity tends to dry right up. We find ourselves ‘parked’ up at what we have already deemed ‘enjoyable’ or ‘satisfactory’ based on previous curiosity driven expeditions [our jobs, home life, hobbies]. Everything tends to become a little stagnant. Um, hold the flippin’ phone, we ain’t dead yet. Stagnancy is a whole lot of immobility, inflexibility and cessation – doesn’t leave much room for joy and growth now does it? Amping up and tuning in to your curiosity might just be the key to creating great change and sparking insane amounts of joy and bliss in your world – and chances are, it already exists in you, you just need to give it some space to shine and guide.

Start by asking yourself – what are you curious about? Right now in your life, what do you want to learn more about, experience more of, play around with, immerse yourself in? Because I love you so, I’m-a help you out and flesh out [blergh, that sounds so nasty] some possible curious escapades that you can explore across different areas of your life.



In the kitchen … ‘what is a cuisine that I’ve been dying to play around with’; ‘what’s my favourite destination and how can I recreate their signature dish?’; ‘what would it feel like to eat only orange things for one day?’; ‘could I challenge myself to a no waste fridge, and cook my way through its contents?”.

In the bedroom … ‘what’s something I haven’t tried, but have always wanted to?’; ‘how can I work my partner/s into a tizzie?’’; ‘what’s the latest research on x, y and z aspects of female sexuality?’; ‘how can I convince Russell Brand to bed me?’.

In the workplace … ‘how can I learn more about X area?’; ‘how can I incorporate my skills into smashing out this project?’; ‘what would it feel like to nail everything on my to do list by lunch?’

In relationships … ‘what would it feel like to release some control over this situation?’; ‘how can I amp up my feminine//masculine a little more?’; ‘what can I learn more about my partner//lover//self?”.

In regards to health … ‘where am I feeling pulled to play?”; “how can I be more limber?”; “what would the possibilities be if I trained hard erryday for a month?”; “how would it feel to run the block without a break or pause?”.


Allow your curiosity to pull you in all sorts of weird and wonderful directions. Never stop questioning, or wondering, or exploring. As for me? I’m in a whole new depth of insatiable curiosity about communication, expression, sexuality and spirituality [even moreso than before, if that was even possible] – so that’s where my curiosity is tuggin’ at me over November. Where is yours drawing you?

Blessings and the most curious of minds x

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    Kate says

    I love this!
    Did an amazing excercise the other day that was about defing your values and curiosity is one of mine.
    I realised it’s why i love my work. My job is to be curious!!!

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