LONDON CALLING – adventures of a first time U.K. dweller


I didn’t know how I would vibe with London – im a self admistted (newly forged) country girl. Totally sensitive to the frenetic pace and busyness that big cities often attract or induce. So I was quite cautious that putting aside 10 days to explore London was a total lapse of judgment and is soon […]

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A few weeks ago, I found myself harbouring pretty low vibe, unkind thoughts. Dem thoughts reserved for the most vulnerable of moments – in a change room, gettin’ nekkid with a new lover, heading to the beach in a sea [pun intended] of 10s – the typical playground for our ‘mean gal’ to be handed […]

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There’s been an inner stirring, growing stronger each day, begging me to get back to writing and just to sit and chill for a bit. But carving out that sacred time has been a little challenging lately. Because, life. I’ve found lately that erry body around me has been caught up in the most recent […]

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Vegan is not a dirty word.


I’m going to preface this little piece by totally and heart openly declaring that I ain’t someone who fears change. If anything, I fear stagnation and [too much] stability. That’s not to say it’s how I’ll be forever, but it’s for now. On the spectrum of a measure for my comfort and joy, with ‘sameness’ […]

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They say that admitting you have a problem is an integral part of healing your addiction. So, here it goes … I’m Emily and I’m a podcast-a-holic. Total sluz for the podcasts. Absolutely cannot get enough. Would pod all day, every day, if I could. Podcasts have exploded into our world over the past few […]

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Blessed Bookshelf – This Year’s Top Contenders [SO FAR]

Brooklyn Art Library

// TEXT BOOK ROMANCE // Purchased on a whim after a girlfriend had recommended it and had suggested it might be an interesting read for this single pringle. My biggest girl crush and all around sparkly dose of girl powered inspiration [Zoë Foster Blake] wrote a book about romancing in the modern era. Sounds simples. […]

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// excepts from a South American travel diary //


[I recently discovered the tattered little journal that I carted around South America with me in 2016 – and the memories, a year on, are still as joy//happiness//heart bust inducing as they were when they were scribbled down. So what better way to upkeep the ‘travel’ portion of the blog (whilst my current travel plans […]

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If you have any sort of specific requirements within the realm of your food and diet – whether it be due to intolerances, religious or ethically governed food choices, sensory aversions, etc – meal prep and cooking may be met with a lot of stress and anxiety. But it certainly doesn’t have to be. There are […]

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A year today, I was wracked with nerves, terrified of the stretch of unknown terrain that lay before me and I lugged a 14kg bag onto a big, steel Emirates bird and trusted. I trusted that the little voice in my heart that had whispered ‘South America‘ since 2010 was lovingly leading me to wherever […]

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