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FEED ME MONDAY – The ‘CaRAWmel Cookie’ Edition

CaRAWmel Cookies

Happy Monday my darling cherubs! I told you I would be back! I’m so excited to be giving this little online space (and safe haven) the love and attention it deserves over the Summer months. Summer, soul love and spiritual pursuits – oh yeah. Sounds blissful don’t it? Today’s recipe is one that was tried, […]

FEED ME MONDAY – The ‘Best Ever Love Bite’ Edition


Oh hello there Monday. You snazzy little devil. Mondays are such brilliant days but often disguised as shitty little anticlimaxes and the antidote to a stellar weekend. Let’s give Mondays their due credit and send ’em love. Spend some time setting your weekly goals; doing a wee bit of meal prep; thinking about how you […]

FEED ME MONDAY – The ‘BerryLiscious’ Edition

photo (29)

Ah Monday. How I adore thee. I love thy freshness, thy ripe potential and thy bounty of promise on the dawn of a brand new week. Sigh, breathe in that promise. I especially love Mondays when they are the first day of the new moon cycle and when I have spent the few days prior, […]

FEED ME MONDAY – The Green Italiano Edition

image (13)

Today I’m-a get straight to the point and deliver you a delish recipe pronto. This is, of course, another dish from the insanely good book by Robin Robertson entitled Vegan Planet. It’s dairy, meat and additive free and absolutely derish. Pumpkin Penne with Kale Pesto 1/2 butternut pumpkin (cut in to 1inch diced pieces) 500g […]

FEED ME MONDAY – The ‘Guaranteed Winter Warmer’ Edition

image (11)

Today’s recipe was created on a whim and, as all great things are, during a moment of total happiness, peace and inspiration. I had just returned from a blissed out yoga class, my sister was visiting me and was having a sleep in while I got stuck into the house work, and then my tummy […]

FEED ME MONDAY – The ‘Soupalisicous Winter’ Edition


Happy Monday munchkins. I hope and trust you all had a wonderful weekend. This past weekend has left me with such an overwhelming sense of gratitude, love and connectedness that I just know it will spill out into my week and bring me even more blessings. I was lucky enough to spend an entire weekend […]

FEED ME MONDAY – The Rawesome Salad Edition

Kale Salad

Happy Monday lovers. After a ridiculously busy week (and weekend) I am listening to my body and trying to slow down a little. I am exhausted and am mindful that to be my best self, to be of service, to¬†give¬†abundantly and generously to those around me – I need to prioritise my own health and […]



A delayed post but loving and nourishing none the less.Do you ever get major food cravings? Ones that are so strong, you are tempted to drop whatever it is that you’re doing and head straight out to get you some o’ dat?!It struck on the weekend and I was totally and utterly consumed by thoughts […]

FEED ME MONDAY – The ‘Best Dang Breakfast’ Edition


I’m all about eating seasonally. When you buy local fruits and vegetables that are in season you a) save money because there is an abundance (rather than drawing on the mortgage to pay for seedless grapes in winter because they’re more rare than unicorn poop); b) are working with nature and listening to its wisdom […]

FEED ME MONDAY – The ‘Gettin Buzzed’ Edition


Happy Monday my beautiful peeps. I hope you all had an amazing weekend filled with sun, fun and food. I certainly did! During a long pow wow with my friends around the breakfast table we were talking about the disgustingly huge amounts of sugar and nasties in drinks being consumed by kids//teens. A few of my […]