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WARM FUZZY FRIDAY – ‘The Lady who Knows Whaddup’ Edition


This post is dedicated to the juicy, delicious and soul driven ramblings of Ms Danielle Laporte. I fell in love with her prose when I worked my way through ‘The Desire Map’ a few months back. And then? I kind of dwindled. I lost my lust for good, careful and hearty words. Fast forward to a […]

WARM FUZZY FRIDAY – A Simple Lesson for the Soul


Found here Regular readers of Bless this Mess will know, very well, that I am a true believer in the connectedness of all elements of life. Humans, fellow earthlings, the earth, the wind, the ocean … We are made up of the same energy, the same life force, and that connects us in a powerful, […]

WARM FUZZY FRIDAYS – Epiphanies and Shit.


Image found here –  Ah, I adore this silhouette. At the moment I am pushing and stretching myself further and further – spiritually, emotionally, physically, in work, in play … in life. I have been tuning into my ‘inner guide’ – that little voice that, in this day and age of crazy busyness, we silence and […]



Just one today. Because it’s bold, poignant and at the forefront of my mind. Oh and it has such a beautiful sentiment. Happy Friday my darling hearts. Found here Blessings and healing vibes out to the collective consciousness x

WARM FUZZY FRIDAY – The Optimism Edition


Found here Found here  Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Blessings and an abundance of happy Friday wishes x

WARM FUZZY FRIDAY – The Simple Life Edition


HAPPY FRIDAY! I apologise that my entries have been rather sparse of late. These past few weeks have been absolutely crazy. I’ve used today’s Fuzzy Friday post to remind myself of what truly matters in life. That ‘busyness’ often is the number one thief of happiness. Riding out this last wave of ‘busy’ and then […]

WARM FUZZY FRIDAY – The Revolutionary Edition


Found here For the past few days, all I seem to be able to think about is the concept of ‘kind living’ and ‘sustainability’.I’ve been through such a transformative journey over the past 12 months and what started off as a venture into ‘what is the best option for me?’ has gradually started to become […]

WARM FUZZY FRIDAY – The Albie Einstein Post


This is dedicated to my main man. The most incredible thinker, philospher, question asker, inventor, creator and allround 18th century badass – Albert Einstein. This is your ticket to this week’s source of inspiration and absolute, get-right-to-the-core, nail-on-the-head, observations about life and living.  Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here […]