3a42ed7622c97da427184ef8646bf1a2I know one thing, ok two things, to be very very true. At birth I was gifted with both a curious mind, and cursed with a black thumb. Since my little journey into fully fledged adulthood, I have killed a countless number of plants, vegetables and flowers. I know. What a shitty little vego, one whom saves an animals life and replaces it with the lives of ten plants! I start with the best of intentions but somehow become lost in my ways and end up often neglecting the green little friends that I hold so very dear. After declaring August my ‘month of adulting’ and setting some pretty stellar goals within the arena of finances, budgeting, tax, procrastinated house jobs, selling shiz in an effort to boost my minimalistic living … one of my goals that I ambitiously jotted down on the evening of July 31st was ‘make a plan for indoor plants!’.

After fully recognising and acknowledging my own downfalls within this greenhousey domain – I recruited the help of someone I knew had the know how, smarts, passion and love for indoor gardening and who could help me on my ways. We organised a Sunday morning Bunnings date and perused the aisles of their outdoor section and she talked about the properties and characteristics of each plant. Seriously, this chick knows plants and her knowledge and enthusiasm was infectious. If ‘budgeting’ wasn’t one of my very serious adult goals, I would have bought the whole dang section. We made a realistic, but still challenging for my sadistic planty ways, goal of three indoor plants to kick me off – one for the bathroom, the bedroom and kitchen spaces.

Since ‘bringing home baby’ (babies) I have loved and nurtured the shiz out of them. But not in an overbearing way that warrants concern. Just in a ‘I want to see these green machines flourish and thrive!’ kind of way. And now that I’ve got them, sort of like a stepping stone to pet ownership in that I have the wellbeing of something else to care for and consider, I have been learning more about indoor plant varietals, their benefits and their importance in our homes. I thought today I would share with you an amalgamated concoction of both research based reasons and Emily-inspired reasons for plant ownership which also will serve as a big ole helping of accountabilty. Once you now know that I’m the sole owner of three helpless little plants, there’s no way I’ll be killing them. You’re involved, acutely aware and I hence have no alibi. 8_holes_905_rGpQcHD


1 – Connection to Nature (when nature might be a little hard to reach)

Recent Wintery weather and epic cold fronts have kind of limited the outdoor exploration time that so many of us are used to. We aren’t able to get outside and soak up the lush green sights of our bush walk that we once could! So having an indoor jungle makes you feel a little more connected to the outside world. It can enhance your sense of peace and tranquility and, on a spiritual hippie level, can make you feel a little more in tune with Mo’ Nature.

2 – They Assist in Breathing

We breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide on the exhale, taking what we need from the air and in turn get rid of the waste and byproducts that don’t serve us. Plants kind of do the flip-side version of this, taking in carbon dioxide and then releasing oxygen. BUT these babies do need to sleep too and at night, when photosynthesis is swapped for beddy-byes, they start to take in oxygen and release CO2, just like us humans. Certain plants, like orchids and succulents, do the opposite and these night-dwellers continue to pump oxygen out into the air all through the evening, so opt to keep these bad boys in your room.

3 – They Clean the Air 

A NASA study found that a number of indoor plant varieties can significantly remove the amount of toxins in the air! These plants are able to absorb toxins through their leaves, roots and soil and assist in the detoxification and purification of the air we breathe. Yes please!


4 – They may just help you work more ‘Adult’

A number of studies have also looked into the effects of plants on productivity, memory and attention with impressive and inspiring results! It’s thought that plants presence in our homes and offices help to boost memory retention, focus and concentration.

5 – They also assist in Healing

I read a really interesting study that discussed the notion of bringing flowers and plants to people in hospital, people going through heartache and grief or just people who need a little boost. Well, this may be our instincts kicking in because a study investigating the recovery of post surgical patients found that viewing plants following surgery led to lower systolic blood pressure, and lower pain, anxiety and fatigue scores when compared to their non-greened up study buddies. The study has been adopted as ‘encouraged policy’ for hospitals and states that plants are a “noninvasive, inexpensive, and effective complimentary medicine for surgery patients”. Patients also reported a greater affinity with and comfort within their rooms, when they featured indoor plants.

6 – They can help fight Illness

You know those niggly little colds, flus and pesky ‘half illnesses’ – well your old mate Fernie might just be able to help with that. Having plants indoors can decrease the incidence of dry skin, cold, sore throats and coughs due to moisture boosting properties of the plant. As water evaporates via its leaves, it contributes to greater humidity and air borne moisture (but in a good way …).

Blessings and green green love xHERO_

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