I am known to friends and family to use the word ‘boner’ way too liberally. If someone is passionately sharing a story about universal synchronicity and divine guidance – I reply with ‘Ooph, spiritual boner’. If I’m reading the incredible words and ideas of a brilliant mind – I acknowledge my ‘intellectual boner’ silently to myself, and keep on readin’. If a ridiculously cute man is making me feel all kinds of fluttery – ‘lady boner’. If something warms my heart and gives me a giant dose of the feel goods and warm fuzzies – ‘love boner’ (or ‘heart-on‘ as I wittily said to a friend, tears of laughter streaming down my face at my absolute word genius). I love the flexibility of the term, I’d like to stress that I said ‘term’ not the actual tangible construct obviously, and wanted to today share why boners, in all their varieties and locations, can be used as a guide post (ha!) for life and happiness.


If it doesn’t turn you on, rev you up, put a fire (not a baby) in your belly, alight your soul … I don’t think it’s worth doing or pursuing. If your response it’s an ‘eff yes!’ then it should be a ‘hell no’. Try and apply this same concept to all areas and decisions of your epic little existence – job opportunities, hobbies, invites and social outings, favours and cuddle buddies. If it ain’t an ‘eff yes’, it’s a ‘hell no’. And, look, I get that life definitely demands some things of us that perhaps won’t be pleasure inducing – the day to day to dos and chores – but I do believe that we can hold some of this magnetic, potent energy in storage to keep our raging boners lasting well into our more menial tasks. You can even dose your spirit up with your own au naturalle viagra to keep your burning passion lingering – structuring your work day around tasks that light you up, with this happiness and energy carrying you through to the next job or task that you might not naturally possess the same ripe passion for.

Let’s just say that your weekdays aren’t always filled with all too exciting or boner inducing times and these heart-thumping experiences are instead replaced with repetitious routine, and you quickly shift from technicolour to black and white. How can you cultivate the heat and fire and passion of those times in which you felt the most potent and present, to the hum drum day to day? Can you factor a more achievable and replicable experience into your daily routines? Happiest when outdoors and crack a soul fat when you’re out hiking? Why not incorporate 10-15mins of outdoor time to either before, within or after your work day to feel that ‘phwoar’ continue.


If we take a step back and think about how perfect this metaphoric link between raging virility and life gusto is – it kind of starts to offer itself as a barometer of our enjoyment, engagement and presence in our life. The pre-play of life and lust is much the same – quickened breath, frenetic energy, potent connection, whole body tingles, palpable excitement and the knowledge that something epic may be looming. What, in your life, brings you that much joy and passion and zest? You know the old adage, ‘what would you choose, chocolate or sex?‘ – which experience, person, tangible construct offers you as much exhilaration and aliveness as a tumble in the sheets? These are the things, people, experiences that you need to call into your life and decorate your days with. Life is too short to be anything other than deliriously happy and the crazy frikkin part is that we are always so much more in control of this than we realise. At any one time, we are able to give the ins and outs of our lives permission to either take energy from us or deliver us generous-as-fuck services of good vibes.

Choose good, live good and feed yo’ soul stiffy.

Blessings and boners x

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