WWHYD – What Would Higher You Do? [An unexpected post]



We all know that as you grow and evolve, your perceptions of things shift. Concepts and constructs that once appeared a certain way, when you were looking at them as a child, now seem totally different when you see them from your adult eyes. The magic of a ball pit [for a kid friendly example] has somehow now lost its allure and you realise that its not the tactiley delightful, multicoloured world that you once craved, but actually … the entire complex smells like children’s feet, the balls aren’t smooth, 99% of them are dented and they all appear to have slobber and/or shit smudged on them. Same construct, different perspective entirely. Well this isn’t a post on growing, evolving and the way we view ball pits [although you’re totally forgiven if you thought that’s where I was heading] but rather its how we can think one thing and then flip the idea on its head and see something different entirely. Case in point … the ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ phenomena.

I know! Curve ball right. Starts off at plastic balls, ends up at Jesus. I’m just keeping you on your toes. But seriously, the ‘WWJD’ scenario is where I want to pull up and explore today.

A younger Emily used to view the whole ‘WWJD’ deal as a little weird, a little puritan and a little agenda-pushing. Typically asked by women in their 60s, adorned in rosary beads and toting around a bible, the only knowledge I had of when and why it was used was to a) preach and b) evoke a sense of guilt as to how we are acting in direct opposition to how we ‘should’ [in comparison to someone higher and mightier than ourselves]. Well, I think I’ve come around to the premise of what this whole thing was intended to be interpreted as …

Before we jump into it – we kind of need to start by addressing the elephant in the room – what or who is Jesus? Religion has told us that Jesus is God personified, the divine made flesh, and our salvation. Let’s strip everything back and look at him [off the pedestal] and acknowledge that he was essentially with us to tell us and teach us that he is our equal, our brother, we are made in his likeness, we drink of his blood and eat of his body … we are him. So [I know, you’re probably just as uncomfortable reading this religious waffle as I am typing it – I have a point to this madness, I promise] can we connect the dots and see that Jesus was merely a messenger that encourages us to realise our potential. He is like us on our best day, when we remember to drink our green juice, say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, pay our bills on time and cook an epic dinner, from scratch. Bottom line is, and I mean it in a totally empowering way and in acknowledgment of ‘we are all in this together’, not a blasphemous or contrived way … we have every opportunity to live with as mucb purpose, divine connection and power as J.C.

I mentioned to my boyfriend the other day that I was starting to bullshit my way through my days by acting, talking, engaging in, participating within my day in the exact way that ‘best version Emily’ would. If given an option to be kind, or rude, what would best version Em choose? Fast food burger or home made salad, which one would she tuck into? Watching a trashy tv show or reading after 9pm, which one would she pick? Using this vision of me, on my best ever day and rockin’ my ultimate swagger, allows me to choose the things that support my growth and evolution. Choosing low vibe options often perpetuates the same environments that have perhaps left us feeling quite dissatisfied. But by holding onto this higher vision of ourselves and choosing to engage within our world as if we already exemplified these desired traits, is all part and parcel of the Law of Attraction. The LoA states that whatever you think, you become; whatever you think, you attract; like attracts like. By strutting your stuff like a walking, talking advertisement for the life you wish to lead – you naturally attract the aspects of that desired life to come at you, full speed.

I started asking myself everytime I was presented with a choice, no matter how menial or seemingly unimportant, ‘what would higher Emily do?’. If her alarm woke up in the morning for sunrise, would she carpe the fug out of that diem or would she snooze in for a few hours of unproductive sleeps? Would she fuel her body with plant based deliciousness, or choose foods that made her feel slow, tired and sluggish? Would she be a little more kind to her love ones? Would she spend the majority of her day with a big smile on – realizing just how lucky she was to be given another day to play on this planet? You bet your tookus she would.

So ask yourself, what would higher version ‘you’ do? How would they talk and dress? Where would they go? How would they spend their day? Who would they hang out with? Use this mantra to create a bit of a scaffold on which to build your life – by showing up every day as the woman/man that you choose to be. It’s THAT simple.

Here’s to sunrises, bush hikes, meaningful relationships, laughter erryday, vocational work, following gut pulls, eating delish food, sharing wine with loved ones and all the good stuff that makes higher Emily look like a love-heart eyed emoji.

Blessings and ‘started at the ball pits, now we here’ x

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