The Evolution of Resolutions


It feels crazy and has totally caught me unawares that I write this post in 2018. Twenny, mother flippin, eighteen. Everyone that I have spoken to has been flummoxed [my New Years resolution is to use more obscure words, henceforth flummoxed will feature … ad hoc] by the speed, ferocity and busyness of the final […]

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The Powerful Duo That’ll Change your Life


There’s a fine line that I have seen social media and podcasts and documentaries tiptoe along as of late – and that’s within the concept of radical self acceptance. Accepting (and consequently loving) yourself is key to happiness and is the cornerstone of EVERY healthy relationship (friendship, lovers, marriage, whatevs). The whole premise of acceptance […]

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With Christmas just around the corner [gah] – it’s high time we have a look at some gifts that give a little more. I mean – sure we can buy the latest iBop, trendy shoes, single use gizmo or whatever … but how good would it feel to gift something that’s reach extends far beyond […]

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Taking up Space


After chipping away at this blog for some years now [I know, mindfuck right?] some of its showcased musings and ramblings start to blend into one. These posts that take on the shape and form of a sort of essay, teasing apart and exploring a particular theme or concept that’s tuggin at my brain on […]

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The Curious Case of the Curious Adult


As kids, we are curious AF. It’s the driving force behind absolutely everything that we do and pursue. Curiosity is what compels us to try weird and wonderful flavour combinations [chocolate sauce on spaghetti, hell yeah]; it urges us to see what happens when we try skating over that big jump; it beckons us to find […]

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WWHYD – What Would Higher You Do? [An unexpected post]


  We all know that as you grow and evolve, your perceptions of things shift. Concepts and constructs that once appeared a certain way, when you were looking at them as a child, now seem totally different when you see them from your adult eyes. The magic of a ball pit [for a kid friendly […]

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Honouring your Gut


That instinct, certainty and ever growing pull that lays at the crux of your solar plexus … you know the feeling? That little sensation is the key to everything that you wish to unlock within your life. Not sure of something? Check in with your gut? Sure of something? Check in with your gut. So […]

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As I unashamedly power through my insanely highlighted copy of CWG* – which is seriously one of the most game changing books of mah life – a few things have stopped me dead in my tracks and have flipped my preconceptions on their head. Firstly – the concept of the universe conspiring to help you. […]

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Waiting for inspiration to hit can be a risky little process. On one hand it guarantees that when I do in fact write, that it’s genuine and authentic and somewhat relative and useful; but on the flip side it usually means there is a pretty significant delay in posts. Let’s address the elephant in the […]

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