Honouring your Gut

That instinct, certainty and ever growing pull that lays at the crux of your solar plexus … you know the feeling? That little sensation is the key to everything that you wish to unlock within your life. Not sure of something? Check in with your gut? Sure of something? Check in with your gut.

So often the strength of our gut feeling is dulled down by the goings on around us – and typically it’s because we are perhaps suppressing or avoiding the truth of the situation by over saturating ourselves with distractions. Television, social media, drinking, drugs, sex, toxic relationships – all of these things tend to fill our days, contributing to a little bit of mindlessness and a more “autopiloted” existence. When we have our plates full, our days packed with back to back appointments and commitments and deadlines, we leave little room for stillness and silence. It’s in these moments of stillness and serenity that our innate wisdom [i feel like I’m taking this too hippie – so let’s go back to saying “dem gut feels”] can speak the loudest.

Living by our gut [and yes, I’m wildly wildly fascinated by the emotional//spiritual significance of the gut, as well as the physiological importance of a healthy gut … deal with it] is a non negotiable if you’re trying to amp up the authenticity and conscious creation of your life. Our gut tells us when something is right, or when it’s funky and best left alone. Our gut pulls us to that person – the new friend that we cross paths with, or the kindred spirit Romeo whom we lock eyes with in the bar. Our gut tells us when it’s time to pursue a new creative venture or career – how many times have you heard someone say “I can’t explain it, I just know this is what I’m meant to do” only to have every opportunity align perfectly once they honoured their gut instinct and direction.


// Ways to clear out your [metaphoric] gut //

1 // take a dump. Clear your head and thoughts of the “shoulds”, “woulds” and “coulds”. So often we impose the standards of society on our decisions and way in which we live our lives, even if it is in direct opposition of our own truth and intuitive gut feels. Get rid of that [metaphoric] poo, it ain’t good to hold on to. It’ll make you feel sick, knackered and will cloud your judgement.

2 // spend time alone. Now, I don’t mean alone on your phone – connected to a million and one people via the interwebs. I mean legit, out walking in the woods, down at the beach, on your meditation cushion, writing in your journal, bonafide solo time. You’ll develop a much greater awareness of the inner stirrings of your heart and gut, you’ll realise what lights you and what diminishes you, you’ll get a better knowledge of YOUR own drives and motivators [outside of what you’re told to think]. So, get comfy with YOU babe.

3 // start small and ask your gut for help. It doesn’t have to be a big question that you first throw at your gut- what is the meaning of life and is Russell Brand my soulmate? Start small and flex that gut muscle. Check in with your gut when your friend of a friend invites you over for dinner – does it genuinely want to, or does your mouth say yes when your gut is screaming at you that you need to have a night of rest to catch up on your sub 6 hour sleeps? What about when it comes to food choices – check in with your body wisdom as to what would be the best choice for lunch. Start to use your gut as a compass in navigating your daily choices [no matter how small] and see if you can start to amplify its voice and strength.

Living by and honouring your gut will ensure that you don’t just “end up” at a certain point. It means that you’ve gotten there mindfully, consciously and with intent. It means that you’ve carefully participated in the choices and decision making that has brought you to your current path, instilling a greater sense of accountability [the sexiest furgin’ word in the English language] and presence within your own life.

Live your truth, honour your gut and get ready to live a life that is undeniably yours.

Blessings and gut love x

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