“What’s the hardest thing about being vegan?”


Chats about being vego are really the one topic of conversation that I stay, pretty uncharacteristically, quiet about. Unless prompted, I will just hang out with my vegan wang out and enjoy my meal in peace. But, every now and again, [and I mean that literally, I’ve been so so lucky with my amazing friends and family being pretty darn supportive] I’m confronted with questions and judgment about why I make the choices that I do. But these questions or derivations of these questions are asked, often less diplomatically, and typically with a side serve of arrogance and condescending one-way chat. Today I wanted to just say my piece, and get back to my kale.

So, you ask me, what’s the hardest thing about being vegan?

It isn’t choosing to go without meat. That’s easy. Choosing to withdraw my financial and moral support of an industry that’s destroying the health of our planet, harming innocent beings in the process and not doing our body’s any additional good than they would be on a balanced plant base diet, is a piece o’ piss.

It isn’t giving up dairy. Because the thought of the pain and inhumane treatment inflicted on dairy cattle and it’s little side-effect partner in crime, the veal industry, puts me off my grazing plate, and makes it easy to pass up the brie.

It isn’t giving up eggs. Because chickens are meant to berk-erk in open fields, not in little cages.

It isn’t giving up leather goods. Because my skin actually looks glowier in white cotton, and nothing had to be skinned to make my little beach dress. AND because there are epic companies doing amazing things out there to offer low impact, cruelty free clothing and footwear.

It isn’t forgoing animal based entertainments. Because the beach and bush trails are free, and you can see animals doin’ their thing unrestricted when you get out there on their turf.

None of this has been hard.

The hardest thing about being vegan is being harassed by people who can’t just mind their business. People who, unprovoked, will fire a barrage of questions my way about why I say ‘no’ to whatever I choose to refuse, why I think that what I choose will make a difference, do I miss the taste of meat and why I find kale so GD tasty. Side note – I honestly don’t know that last one, but it’s safe to say my dark leafy obsession has reached new heights. Ob-sessed.

So, my dear little same-same-but-different friend, let’s just do us. Let’s educate ourselves and be proud of our own decisions, whatever they may be. And be tolerant of the decisions of others, whatever they may be. We are all doing the very best we can with what we’ve got and what we know – a little more open mindedness wouldn’t go astray, no?

Blessings and dairy free, meat free kisses x


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