As I unashamedly power through my insanely highlighted copy of CWG* – which is seriously one of the most game changing books of mah life – a few things have stopped me dead in my tracks and have flipped my preconceptions on their head.

Firstly – the concept of the universe conspiring to help you. [And, yes, it’s THAT kind of post. One where I’m all happy and aligned and blurt out all my happies onto you]. I was inspired to delve into this one because in my short few years on the planet, and I totally acknowledge my infancy in terms of life experience, I have come to realise something. Life isn’t meant to be tough – sure there are moments of challenge and discomfort, but its underlying current is joy and love. Hear me out. Think about every shitty situation that has ever arisen – any one – the loss of a job, end of a relationship, financial hardship etc and examine the series of events that unfolded after. Now consider whether these things would have come about had you not experienced this tough run. Often it is from the most horrible and painful circumstances that we find ourselves on a new path that is [undoubtedly] better intended for us. Obviously the blow is softened a little with the beauty of hindsight, but nonetheless these experiences are what redirect us and allow us to find our rightful place in this cray cray journey.

Secondly – the concept of universal communication. Now, don’t come at me with pitchforks just yet. I don’t mean all ‘I hear the flowers whispering when I silence my soul’ when I eat from my patchouli garden, although kudos to you if you do. I am talking about subtle communications and messages and lessons that make their way into our lives. Look, whether you admit it or not, it is a harrrrd fact that the universe and all of it’s parts and components are derived from the same stuff. We are energy, we are matter and we are vibration. Doesn’t it make sense then that our interaction with our planet doesn’t have to be solely sensory interpretations [auditory, sight, touch etc] but can be multisensory – energetic ‘gut feels’, telepathic knowing, flashes of words and images. These little messages and signs from the universe can be found everywhere – in the serendipitous run in of a new friend; in a repeated lesson; in weirdly bang on lyrics when you jump in a car [or a song that just keeps on showing up]; in hearing a podcast that’s talking about the same stuff that you heard on a documentary the night before; in things just ‘working out’; in a perfect hour of sun on a shitty overcast day. Sure – you can choose to overlook these and that’s totally fine. But even if they are bullpoop, even if they are hippie dippy fairy fluff, if they instil a greater sense of assurance and safety and trust in the process and in yourself … who the mother flippin’ fudgenugget cares?

Thirdly – the concept of idiosyncratic unfoldings and ‘killing it’s across all areas of your life. This is alluding to those times in life when you are next level, straight up, killing the game and takin’ names. Think Midas touch. Things tend to fall into place quite naturally, every aspect of what you are surrounded and the situations in which you find yourself seem to somehow be happening with relative ease and are leaving a trail of epic vibes in their wake, and life just feels … good. It feels like you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. A reassuring nudge from the universe that when things align, when they come together and infuse a sense of profound happies and purpose and see you hitting your goals and aspirations like a don, these unfoldings are like a big ‘fuuuuuck yes’ from the big bad universe. Life isn’t meant to be hard, consider these periods of serendipitous experiences and, well, anything that makes you feel good, to be your compass//guiding post//barometer for your life. Keep following the feel goods, keep doing you and keep watching the magic flood in. Trust me.

Blessings and universal high fives x

*CWG = Conversations with God [don’t be put off by this seemingly religious title, this is next level good]

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    Maddie says

    Love this post Em! Really interesting POV on the universe conspiring to help you be happy. First in whispers in your ear, and when you don’t hear it, it taps you on your shoulder, and if you ignore it for long enough it can push you over… hard. But trusting and believing that the universe is there to help you be happy can help you to listen to those whispers and hopefully avoid the hard pushes! Love it sister x

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      Emily says

      I’ve heard that before actually – the feather, rock, truck analogy. First the universe sends a feather – a gentle message. Then it throws a rock – this is a little more painful. Then – BAMMMMM you get hit by a truck! Thanks for the share my love x

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