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Feeling Gloomy – A modern guide to the feeling of feelings


We have all had those glum days where we just don’t feel so … fresh. Nothing is particularly wrong, but we just don’t feel as fabulous as we truly deserve to. Firstly – it is completely normal to have ‘off’ days. Whether situations and events within our own lives have thrown us into a wee bit of […]


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March, you sneaky little devil. You have raced by. I can’t quite believe that this is my first entry for March this year. Gee Whilikers. I apologise for those of you who loyally check the blog and were forever faced with the same old post from February days. Since the passing of a friend, mentor, […]



Ok. It’s been a while since I dropped by this space. So goes the ebbs and flows of my creative juices. I’ve been picking up the pen and journal more often than settling into an arvo at the laptop – and that’s ok with me. I hope that’s ok with you too. I didn’t really […]

Kicking Fear Square in the Crotch.


For the past few months of this brand new, sparkly, deliciously ripe year – I have been doing a lot of outer work. I have committed to a regular training routine, I have been trialling-and-erroring skin care approaches to get my skin sorted, and I have been focusing on my gut health and have adopted […]

WARM FUZZY FRIDAY – The ‘Lighten Up’ Edition


This seems to be a recurring theme and some repetitious universal messages heading my way as of late … ‘lighten up woman!’ and to not take myself, or life, too seriously. So today’s little pictorial tribute pays homage to this theme. Have fun, don’t sweat the small stuff and just chill out homie! Blessings and a […]



Today I’m-a tap into that nasty little inner dialogue that has us questioning … well just about everything that’s going on in our sweet little lives. Life is good, you’re happy, you have a beautiful group of friends, your job is going well, your family are being their loving and supportive selves, maybe you have […]