A few months ago – the ever spiritually fru fru person that I am – I made some time and space to light some incense, play some soft music, do a little meditation and to draw an angel card to represent each month of the year ahead. I thought ‘oh, how cool‘ with each card that came up, but never really gave the cards or their respective meanings all that much thought. Until now.

If we are Facebook friends you may have seen that I shared an article that discussed the energy of July’s ‘Blue Moon’ – an astronomical and astrological significant event. This, combined and coinciding with ole Venus Retrograde, makes for some pretty powerful sensations, situations and catalysts – especially if you’re a sensitive little soul like me who is often influenced by the planets and stars (shout out to all the other women whose cycles are synced up with the new moon!).

Aeracura - Blossoming

My card for the month of August was Blossoming with the message – “You are just getting started. Have patience with yourself, and the process, and don’t give up”. The angels//Universe//my inner guide knew that the month of August was going to be a biggen. That transformation and growth, as magical and as profoundly beautiful as they are, are often accompanied by less fun feelings of impatience, pain, anger, a feeling of loss//lost. That, when a new path is forged, your old path seems so much easier and friendlier and less painful. That trust is a fundamental character of your new narrative. Trust in yourself and your intuition, trust in the process, trust in the outcome, trust in others, trust in “what’s meant to be, will find a way” and trust that the Universe doesn’t make mistakes.

Another card that came up for me – during a consultation with an incredible medium that lives down this way – was the White Goddess. I was automatically drawn to the beauty of this strong, powerful, graceful and divinely feminine image. Hell yes I wanted to emanate that! But, truth be told, I didn’t and I still don’t. I’m learning about myself, about my passions, loves, interests, dislikes, talents and soulfire at a seemingly alarming rate – but I didn’t feel like I was at that elusive Goddess status. Not just yet. And then (because the Universe has a habit of delivering to you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it) I came across these words.


So, to me, the Goddess described in the beautiful prose above sort of encapsulates my highest, most divine inner self. She is “in the process of learning”, she has not yet mastered it, and there’s no need for her to. She experiences a life “increasingly filled with peace, love, joy, passion and fun“, which describes a sort of limitlessness, every day a little more ‘increasingly’ positive than the last. She is “inspired to give to those around her” with a sense of generosity, community and love. I truly believe that she is within all of us. And it’s our duty to allow her to shine and live through us, to cultivate these qualities that so beautifully envelop her and to, at the very least, acknowledge her existence within us. She is us.

‘How am I planning on amplifying this Goddess energy?’, I hear you ask from miles away. Thank you for asking. Because this is truly where the fun part of growth and empowerment and transformation lies – in the permission to be your wildest and most raw self. I am committing to :

+ Regular yoga sessions (both class and solo practice)

+ Reducing TV time and amping up my reading//journalling

+ Starting ‘Art School’ via the amazing Wild, Well & Creative e-course

+ Quality over Quantity time with loved ones (real catch ups and conversations)

+ Movin’ my booty at the gym

+ Dancing to Yonce in my underwear

+ Meditation and ample ‘rest time’

What might you consider committing to in hopes to unleash your goddess lurking within? Share your ideas or comments in the space below!

Blessing and ‘yonce all on his mouth like liquor’ x

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