Feeling Gloomy – A modern guide to the feeling of feelings


We have all had those glum days where we just don’t feel so … fresh. Nothing is particularly wrong, but we just don’t feel as fabulous as we truly deserve to. Firstly – it is completely normal to have ‘off’ days. Whether situations and events within our own lives have thrown us into a wee bit of emotional turmoil, or just a light case of the ‘shlumps’, or maybe we are a little overwhelmed and life’s got us beat.

My first suggestion is to just, feel, the feelings. They’re not called ‘fixings’, they’re called ‘feelings’ and often we are so opposed to sitting with and experience the full extent of these sensations that we blanket and disguise them. Uh-uh baby – it’s just like sweeping furballs under the rug – soon enough you will have a giant pile of crap that is too large to ignore.

So sit with your feelings of sadness, anger, jealousy … and remind yourself that these feelings are transient. You’ve felt them before, you’ll feel them again, and you’ll also feel a myriad of other emotions in between. This state is not permanent. It’s merely presenting a lesson to be learned or an issue to be resolved.


+ Journal it out – Pen to paper. Go.

+ Ask yourself the big doozeys – What has triggered this sensation? Where am I feeling it? Could I direct my breathing to that spot to relieve it (if even for a moment?)

+ Give yourself permission to explore it – Does it feel like screaming; crying; banging your fists on a pillow would help? Then GO for it! Expand the dimensions of a feeling, call it out of its subtle hiding spots and give it more of a physical flavour.

+ Get moving – Heart thumping, blood pumping movement is a guaranteed way of improving your general mood and energy levels, but can also provide a physical medium to explore your feelings. Meditative or restorative exercises like yoga, walking or even running can allow you to clear the mental cobwebs and get to the crux of how you’re truly feeling.

+ Refer to your ‘love list’ – Create a list of surefire ways to make you happy. A phone call to a special friend; a cup of tea and a good book; a sweaty nature hike … Stick it somewhere that you can easily access//turn to when shit hits the fan. These small (but potent) actions might just change your mood indispensably.

What are your hot tips for dealing with shlumpy, no good, bad times? Share below!

Blessings and a whole lot of feely feelings x

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