Ok. It’s been a while since I dropped by this space. So goes the ebbs and flows of my creative juices. I’ve been picking up the pen and journal more often than settling into an arvo at the laptop – and that’s ok with me. I hope that’s ok with you too.

I didn’t really have any burning topics or concepts to write about today. I just thought I would set aside a half hour to see what flows and what my soul wants to chat about. I’ve set a conscious intention to live more intuitively and I think that you guys will see the extensions of this through my writing. Connecting to what stories and lessons and musings run deep and are just waiting to be expressed.

I’ve been enjoying the process of being a student as of late. No formal studies for this chicka (although the number of courses, both tertiary and workshops, that I’ve been pondering is just insane!) but rather being a student of life. Soaking up as much knowledge, across every arena, that I can. I am so thirsty for growth and expansion and knowledge. I reflected on it in a recent post, but we truly are so fortnate and blessed to be living in such an abundant time. We have ease of access to books, videos, online courses, formal education, mentoring, classes… I think the days of relying on ignorance and pledging unawareness are behind us – there is just no excuse for us not to make informed choices about the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our planet.

My teachers at the moment are – old mate Russell for all things revolution, political//social commentary and the integration of more spirited living; Gabrielle Bernstein for an instant dose of calm and contemplation; and my final teacher is actually myself. Or rather, the more subdued, behind-the-scenes, spiritually connected version of myself. She has been showing up more and more in my writing, my interactions, my meditation and my movements. I’m learning to trust that inner voice, and dedicate myself to daily practices that amplify that voice into a more booming and resounding presence in my everyday life.

Who is teaching you? What lessons have you recently learned? Share in the comments below and be a teacher to those around you!

Blessings and an unquestionable thirst for all things greaterĀ and granderĀ x

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