It’s Sunday evening as I tap away at the keys and the idea for this evening’s post has been swirling around in my mind for weeks but it floated, almost shapeless, until about 5 minutes ago. The whole concept of it was so vague and unconstructed – as all truly visceral and powerful lessons are – and the Universe swooped in and shed a little light for me as it serendipitously sent me a simple image.


This. This incredible, poignant and deliciously articulate prose stopped me in my tracks. THIS is what my soul has been craving, this is what has been stirring in my heart and this premise is what has been floating around in my mind and influencing my decisions, experiences and perceptions.

It connects with and supports, so eloquently, the underlying pull towards the Goddess feels that I reflected on here in last week’s post. How do we feel more sensual, feminine, goddess like when we put off wearing our lace undies til the weekend, when we don’t splurge on the fire red lipstick because we should be spending our money on more practical things, when we save the sexy scented candle for when we have company, when we don’t put aside time to dance to ‘Yonce because we should use that time to … do washing or something much less enticing. Screw that. A big ‘screw that’ to that.

Pledge to choose indulgence, choose luxury, choose decadence, choose sensuality, choose specialness, choose what sets your soul alight!

Here’s my weekly promise (to and for myself and only myself) :

+ Light candles every night whilst I cook dinner

+ Crank my favourite RnB playlist and twerk the devil out of it

+ Enjoy an expensive bottle of red (and not the 2 for $20 that I far too often opt for)

+ Wear my fancy lingerie every damn day

+ Read in bed with a cup of yogi tea

+ Buy satin sheets. Oh holy decadence



Blessings and chocolates (the good ones) x

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