March, you sneaky little devil. You have raced by. I can’t quite believe that this is my first entry for March this year. Gee Whilikers. I apologise for those of you who loyally check the blog and were forever faced with the same old post from February days.

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Since the passing of a friend, mentor, inspiration and all ’round amazing human being – Jess Ainscough –  I actually found myself avoiding the blog. Her passing really, really, shook me. I was a mess when I learnt of it and was so heart broken for her partner, father, family and friends. Jess was a massive influence on me in starting up this space and pursuing my writing, in being brave enough to choose health and wellness in the face of pressures to choose otherwise, and in being a downright beautiful person who had time, respect and love for everyone around her.

I have journaled a lot about my thoughts//beliefs//fears of illness and death and the unknown, and it doesn’t feel right to share them just yet, but these have been incredibly powerful in dealing with the world around me. Losing Iz presented a huge learning curve and I’m still utilising these newly learned skills and processes when other experiences and life events come to pass.


So in honour of you, beautiful Jessica, this (and last) weeks’ Lenten donations go towards Edgar’s Mission. Edgar’s is a not-for-profit farm sanctuary that I have supported in the past but also know held a VERY special place in Jess’s heart.

Be kind, be brave, be well.

Blessings and Jessica infused cuddles x

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