FEED ME MONDAY – The ‘BerryLiscious’ Edition

Ah Monday. How I adore thee. I love thy freshness, thy ripe potential and thy bounty of promise on the dawn of a brand new week. Sigh, breathe in that promise.

I especially love Mondays when they are the first day of the new moon cycle and when I have spent the few days prior, cleaning up my mental clutter, establishing some new goals and setting some big brave targets. Mondays are the powerhouse of the week. Preparation for a successful Monday is usually reflection of a successful week ahead. And I ain’t takin’ any chances. This Monday is my bish.

So a fresh, nourishing, clean breakfast was the only way to go on this holy little Monday. And that dish was found among the pages of a rediscovered, dusted off ole book, amongst the stack of health and nutrition literature that I have accumulated over the years. ┬áMore – by Lorna Jane – was a gem of an old find which left me feeling so inspired that I literally devoured almost the whole book in one sitting last night. Today’s recipe is brought to you from the ever so inspiring and ever so beautiful, Lorna Jane.

Coconut and Oat Parfait

photo (29)

1/3 c oats

1 Tbspn soaked and chopped almonds

2 Tbspns shredded organic coconut

1 Tbspn chia seeds

1/2 c water

1 tspn vanilla extract

Handful of mixed berries to top

Simply combine all ingredients and put in the fridge to soak overnight (or for at least 1 hour). Stir thoroughly to ensure water has soaked all dry ingredients and serve with fresh berries. Enjoy with a cup of tea, and sunshine.

Blessings and berry stained fingers x


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