FEED ME MONDAY – The ‘Guaranteed Winter Warmer’ Edition

Today’s recipe was created on a whim and, as all great things are, during a moment of total happiness, peace and inspiration. I had just returned from a blissed out yoga class, my sister was visiting me and was having a sleep in while I got stuck into the house work, and then my tummy grumbled. I had seen a post earlier on Instagram about a FoodMatters recipe competition where followers had the opportunity to win a copy of their latest recipe book – and I was all over it. Simply come up with a plant food based recipe and share on your social media. I came up with, and shared, this bad boy and crazily enough I won! So, really, you might say that this is a prize winning dish. Literally.

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Gooey Banana Batter Porridge

1/2c Oats

1c Almond milk (or milk of choice)

1/2 banana (ripened and spotty)

Cinnamon; Maple syrup and Crushed nuts to taste

Simple heat oats and milk on a low to medium heat on stove to cook. Add in cinnamon and maple syrup (as desired), stirring through. Tear off pieces of ripe banana and stir through, allowing the heat to soften the pieces further. Cook for approximately two more minutes and then remove from heat. Serve in your favourite bowl (because food should be enjoyed) and top with nuts of choice. Get that deliciousness in your belly pronto!

Blessings and gooey banana batter covered bowls and spoons x

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