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Whattup my little homies and homettes? The thermomix is still whirring its little butt off in our kitch but, as I had an intense game of netty to win last night (and yes, we did win, thank you for asking), David was on dinner duty. The boy done good. He made a beautiful authentic ‘slow’ […]

FEED ME TUESDAY – Chicken and Vegetable Soup


Well the thermie is definitely feeling quite at home with us I believe. It’s been whirring and clanging and buzzing ever since it graced our counter top. I was given a few of the official Thermomix recipe books (everyday essentials; vegetarian; seafood; wheat and gluten free and raw) but have also been consulting websites and […]

FEED ME MONDAY – The ‘Post That Never Ends’ Edition


This week is likely going to be a whole lot o’ “Feed Me Monday” like posts. ‘Why are you all about food this week Emily?’, I hear you ask. Well. It is because yesterday afternoon the skies parted, there was joyful music and exultation and jubilation as our humble Dunsborough kitchen was blessed with a […]

FEED ME MONDAY – Raw Chocolate Tarts


Can I preface this post with a big, fat “I’m sorry” and just get it out of the way? I know I promised a Monday afternoon post but a ‘quick trip’ to the beach with my love and my pup turned into a long extravaganza (said puppy may or may not have run off into […]

FEED ME MONDAY – The Raw Porridge Smoothie Edition


Monday, Monday, gonna get down on Mondayyyyy! I trust you all had a wonderful weekend, moved your butts, ate well and of course surrounded yourself with fabulous company.Today’s recipe is a breakfast inspired delicious treat – however it should be noted that I whipped this up last Friday night when our dinner plans suddenly fell […]

FEED ME MONDAY – The Cold Rock Edition


Sticky date pudding. Chocolate torte. Cheese board. As my eyes glossed over the desert menu during date night at our ‘local’ – I suddenly realised that none of these options appealed to me. Don’t get me wrong – had it been another night maybe or had my stomach been craving these foods then I would […]

FEED ME MONDAYS – The Willy Wonka Edition


Well a very simple image on instagram attracted a few ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ last week as I endeavoured to finally nail a recipe that has been pestering me for months – raw chocolate. I have attempted a few batches in the past but after the first one tasted incredible but resembled dog excrement and the […]

FEED ME MONDAY – The Deliciously Simple Edition


There are countless blessings that come from my living in one the most beautiful areas of the world – the sea essentially at our doorstep, lush green forests behind us, friendly and smiling faces wherever we go, wineries and gourmet food stops only a stones throw away. Blessed indeed. But there are a few definite challenges […]

FEED ME MONDAY – The Raw Roll-up Edition


I know, I know! I’m feeding you on a Tuesday instead of a Monday but calm your farm because I have been very busy and I wanted to make sure this post was just right for you 🙂 Because I love you all so.This dish was born on a late night of experimental delight (bowm […]