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FEED ME MONDAY – The ‘I can’t believe this is healthy’ Edition


Hey diddle diddles! Hope you are all very well and spent the weekend appreciating all things big and small that made up your ‘present moment’. With my tummy finally settled and actually able to stomach some nutrient dense food – I had an idyllic weekend spent with D – getting all our bits and pieces in […]

FEED ME MONDAYS – Another Ballin’ Edition


Welcome back to this side of the weekend my darlings! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are feeling rejuvenated and happy and smiley and ready to work your butts off for another week. After lots of recent experimenting in my small but humble kitchen, I am at a bit of a loss as […]

FEED ME MONDAY – L’edizione Italiana


Buongiorno mi amici and welcome to little Italy! I’m taking you on a magic gondola ride and feeding you a delicious, healthy, nutritious and satisfying dish that settles your pasta cravings and ensures your cells are given a variety of alkalinising and oxygen carrying nutrients.Benefits and Nutritional Properties of this Dish+ Zucchinis help to – […]

FEED ME MONDAYS – The Basic Meal Edition


‘Ello ‘ello! And so begins another week. These Mondays seem to come around so fast don’t they? I’ve been busy fighting a bloody cold over the weekend but it seems I am winning (yes!) so glad to see the tail end of a very sore throat, sniffly nose and night sweats! Mondays are short and […]

FEED ME MONDAYS – The Morning Boost Edition


Hello my three day weekenders!  Hoping that everyone has had a beautiful Australia day long weekend and has celebrated it by spending as much of the weekend being as ‘authentically Australian’ as possible. And no that doesn’t necessarily mean having a ‘sausage cook off with ya mate Bazza’ – but rather I think that it […]

FEED ME MONDAYS – The Choco-liscious Edition


Hello my gorgeous ones. Hoping you all had a fabulous weekend, are feeling energised and motivated and ready to tackle the week ahead. I had a beautiful weekend with beautiful friends and beautiful family and spent Saturday evening to Sunday evening resting, relaxing and re-evaluating my health commitments for this year. I haven’t been too […]

FEED ME MONDAYS – The Green Edition


It’s time to get our cookin, bakin, pureein, smoothyin and eatin on! It’s recipe time – chikka chikka yeah. Today’s a really short and simple post because a) it’s a freaking easy recipe and b) it’s probably the most requested ‘how to’ that I am asked by family and friends. It is the green smoothie […]

FEED ME MONDAY – The Kale Edition.


* NOTE – I am having a wee bit of trouble with the formatting of these posts (techno tragics represent!). My main aim is to get the content to you – please hold tight and I will figure all this techy shiz out along the way! Ok – so the aim is to schedule my posts in a beautifully […]