Happy Friday my blessers! I mentioned briefly in a recent post that I had been dabbling in the big and wonderful world of healing with essential oils. I’m kind of getting into (read – obsessed) with the concept of holistic healing and the combining of aromatherapy, healthy diet and lifestyle, spiritual and energetic development, emotional alignment and wine (because, balance right?) to create vibrant energy and a happy heart.

Today I wanted to share a quick post on the recommended oils to use in conjunction with chakra healing//health. Chakras (for those of you playing at home and thinking that I made up a new word) are the whirlpools of energy that run the length of our spiritual spine. There are 7 main chakras that run from our tailbone all the way up to the crown of our head, and the health of these chakras often manifest in our lives through the areas//themes that they represent. The chakras below are discussed in order of where they’re located in the body, starting at the base of spine. For today – I’m just going to touch on what areas of life that each of these chakras correspond to and what oils complement//foster their healing and infuse high vibes!


This is your foundation chakra and corresponds to the areas of home, safety, security, earth, food and basic instincts. Oils to use – Cedarwood, sandlewood, vetver, cinnamon and cedar.


This chakra is all about things relationships and corresponds to the areas of family, creation, creativity, reproduction and sexuality. Oils to use – Melissa, bergamont, orange, neroli, lemon grass and juniper.


This is your ‘self’ chakra and corresponds to the areas of self esteem, ambition, action, self power, health and fitness. Oils to use – Lemon, rosemary, fennel and geranium.


Who would have thought it? This baby is all about love. This chakra is such a powerful one to crack wide open as it corresponds to the areas of love, compassion, romance, unconditional and service. Oils to use – Lemon, rosemary, fennel, geranium, pine and rose bulgar.


This is your expression chakra and corresponds to the areas of communication, voice, true self, speech, painting and writing. Oils to use – Thyme, chamomile, mint, cypress and tea tree.


If you want to tap into your divine//universal wisdom – this is the chakra for you to explore. The third eye corresponds to the areas of intuition, higher learning, knowledge, planning and synthesis. Oils to use – Frankincense and Myrrh.


Consider this the ‘enlightenment’ chakra. This chakra represents our holistic//centre of being. It corresponds to the areas of spirituality, connection, universe, enlightenment and God. Oils to use – Lavender, ylang ylang, jasmine and magnolia.

Blessings and buzzing chakra love x

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