The kinder alternative to a drive by shooting … this is a drive by inspo. A quick stop over, where I pop in solely to shower you with love, light and good vibes.

A recurring theme in my life at present (and it might be the same for you – since the Universe tends to deliver all of its best lessons in batches) is the concept of change. And more-so the lesson of being accepting of change and, dare I say, energised by change. This is a completely foreign idea for yours truly, who has instead spent the past twenty seven years in the cozy confines of her secure, dependable and sturdy little safely net. Six months back, when the world as I knew it changed significantly and irreversibly, I entered my most challenging unit//subject since enrolling in ‘Life School’ and that was Change and Trust 101. Subject matter seemingly unrelated, but is actually divinely and convolutedly intertwined. Trusting the Universe to deliver and ignite change where it’s needed – and to calmly reassure when you’re smack back in the middle of the transitional (technical term – ‘icky’) phase.









Blessings, trust and the (sometimes) rough winds of change x

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