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Intellectual Boner alert …

Intellectual Bonor alert …

I find Russell Brand so dang sexy. I understand he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I completely get that, and dig diversity, so if he ain’t for you that is A-OK. But from my first glimpse of him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall to getting to know the ‘real’ Russell in his incredible interview with ___ […]



  There truly are. I don’t know whether it’s because the sun is shining, the holiday season is approaching (a little too fast) or if people are just generally a little cheerier at the moment but the energy is amazing. Life is beautiful! Sure there are hiccups and bad days and heartaches – but there […]

NANS Part DEUX – The ‘Affirmation’ Edition.


Affirmations. You only need to type “quotes + tumblr” into google or search the hashtag #inspiration to be cyberly (I made it up – what of it?) bombarded with thousands of messages of positivity, life affirming, happiness inducing words o’ wisdom. It seems that errybody in jumping on the positive word bandwagon. And rightly so! […]



Welcome to Warm Fuzzy Friday – where life is cuddly, happy and the sun is shining. Take a pause in your day, brew a fresh mug o’ tea and take a moment to let each of the images and words below really sink in. Today’s theme is ALL about positive affirmations and the power of […]

Introducing … The New Age Newbie Series


I was chatting with girlfriend, and fellow IIN trained health coach, Emily Ehlers the other day and, on reflection, noticed that our conversation wasn’t in English but rather in a sort of ‘new age fandango’ dialect. To us, we were simply discussing our everyday lives and the elements of our lifestyle that have fast become […]

WARM FUZZY FRIDAY – The Invitation


Found here I came across this beautiful poem a few months back, and fell in love with its honesty and raw emotion. It had me at hello. For today’s ‘fuzzy friday’ I have cranked up the fuzzy dial and am sharing the incredible prose of Oriah with you all. Read, let it sink in and […]

Bless this Mess got some Lovin’! We’ve been nominated for the Leibster Award!


So this morning I awoke, post final juice cleanse day and pre yoga, to the most gorgeous email from the beautiful Lyndsey from Lyndsey Eden nominating me for the Leibster bloggers//writers Award. At first, I thought it was one of my crazy emails alerting me to spam (I get literally 100s a day) but Lyndsey’s words […]

5 WAYS TO GET HAPPY – Like, now.


Hello my little happiness junkies. Craving a hit? Happy levels too low and wanting a pick me up? Have no fear, your happiness dealer is here! The comparison of happiness to drugs may be a little controversial but hey – I believe the comparison is more poignant than we first think. When our ‘happiness’ is down […]

A POST FROM THE PAST – Revisited Because it’s BANG on.


Image found here Do you ever have those nights where you just cannot sleep. Your body refuses to get comfy. You toss and turn and do an overexaggerated sigh and your boyfriend gets the shits on? Last night, after a week of almost perfect sleeps, BOOM. Of course the reason for this late night insomnia was […]


So, the universe and I have been in cahoots for a while. But it always seemed like a one way (communication) street. I always wondered what it was really thinking, what the cheeky little monkey of a universe was scheming and what it had in store for me. Enter TUT – my little connection portal to the […]