WARM FUZZY FRIDAY – The ‘What’s Healing Me’ Edition

For those of you regular readers here at Bless this Mess – firstly, I love you – and secondly you will be all too familiar with the bumpy road that life has taken me on this year. A far too long distance relationship; continuing to adjust to life in a new town; the loss of our first and only pup – it’s been challenging. But, particularly over the last few weeks, I have really tuned into what I need and have granted myself permission to explore that. My intuition told me to return to nature – I would go for a walk around the ‘burbs and end up up the beach or in the bush. And it felt amazing. I keep returning to it and I cannot overemphasise what an incredibly therapeutic and restorative and healing environment it has served as. As a result, I have been noticing subtleties and often overlooked beauty of the world around me.

Vincent Van Gogh said “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere” and this poignant and simple truth is the inspiration behind today’s post.

Enjoy and peruse these gorgeous images. Or, better yet, close down this window on your browser, shut your laptop and go outdoors to see it for yourself – the magic is a-waitin’.









Blessings and a nature dwellin’ curiosity x

All images sourced from: here.

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