There truly are. I don’t know whether it’s because the sun is shining, the holiday season is approaching (a little too fast) or if people are just generally a little cheerier at the moment but the energy is amazing. Life is beautiful! Sure there are hiccups and bad days and heartaches – but there is also SO much dang good. So let’s focus on that shall we? I wanted to share with you my (pictorial) list of things that are makin’ me smile.


This woman. Ooof. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak at the recent TEDx event in Perth. She was incredible and pretty much won me over as soon as she opened with her story – how she had grown up in Perth, moved to a small remote Indonesian village, fell in love with a local and had a baby. Wanderlust boner or what. But she then went on to share her vision of what she so missed since leaving her small village and moving back to the hustle and bustle of Perth. She felt overwhelmed by the commercialism and consumerism that seemed to dominate every aspect of our lives and actually seemed to replace pure and simple connection and interactions. She launched the ‘Nothing New’ project in which she vowed to purchase ‘nothing new’ (including second hand items) for an entire year. She is at week 41. She is fast becoming my new favourite writer and ass kicker. Check her out over at her amazing blog Inked in Colour.


Livity Juices have arrived! These babies are cold off the (juice) press (HA!) and they are ready to nourish and detox the bodies of my fellow South Westers. I can’t wait to get stuck into these when I get back from an upcoming getaway!



An upcoming getaway with two very important ladies in my life, my mama bear and sister, definitely has me smiling. It’s all craziness and hecticness til then but BRING IT ON!


Having my honey back home. Far too long apart. Far too challenging. Far too many hours spent without the other. But you forget it instantly the moment you’re back together. Wahoooooo, balance and harmony have been restored in mah life.



I had intended to use a very pretty, arsty, likely tumblr derived picture to share my love of incense but I came across this and just think it’s so funny. Not that i don’t believe in the power of certain scents and burning of sage and incantations and bla bla bla warding off ‘bad energies’ but … check out the picture. That ghost is ready to eat his soul and then, suddenly, looks like he is holding back the world’s biggest sneeze. Ha! So now incense is on my happy list twice, once for making my house smell like a little sanctuary and again because it contributed to the creation of this rad picture!

Blessings, smiles and incense fearin’ ghosty love x

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