NANS PART FOUR – The ‘Manifesting’ Edition

1Ok, so I’m sure you’ve been exposed to one or two words or wisdom or affirmation or Einstein quotes over the past few years? It seems that my generation has fallen, big time, in love with the concept of attracting your desires and putting out positive energy to get back even more positive energy. In a recent addition to the NAN Series – I spoke about affirmations. How they work, what they do, how to use ’em. So as I clicked ‘submit’ on that post and started to think about my next entry to this series, it naturally evolved into Manifestation. It’s the true reason why we say our affirmations, why we develop vision boards, why we emit positive energy instead of giving in to neggy bugs.

The way I look at it, as I do most things in life, is through my Potterhead eyes. Pott-ER-head mum, no need to panic. I swear, all of my endeavours in life are enhanced by donning a pair 0f Hogwartian robes and looking at it from the perspective of a newbie witch. So, for my fellow Harry Potter nuts, you’re in for a treat. For those of you not familiar with this piece of literary genius, lemme educate you another time. You’re missing out!

Manifesting is most easily understood by studying it alongside Hogwarts’ ‘Room of Requirement‘. In the books, this room appears when someone is in great need of it and the room always provides what that person desires//needs at that point in time. It’s unpredictable, and sometimes you’re given something that you’re not sure you ‘needed’ or indeed what it is, but the ‘room’ is all knowing as doesn’t falter. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I came across this scene of Harry and the gang entering the ‘Room of Requirement’ during one of the final films in the series – in this scene the room has provided a sort of club house, training area for the students to come to for safety and to get their planning juices flowin’ (spoiler alert – they’re planning to thwart old mate Voldy).

The Universe is like a big ole Room of Requirement. It presents us with what we need, even if it’s not yet clear to us, and it listens to our desires and intentions. In a recent gem by Pam Grout, she writes humorously and intelligently, of the proof of our magical ‘pull’ we have on the universe. I gobbled up this book as soon as I bought it, and can’t recommend it highly enough. She approaches a really heavy topic and presents it to us ‘newbies’ in such a digestible and user friendly way. She speaks about the Universe being an all receptive and all giving source of magic – it hears what we asks for and delivers. If we say ‘ughhh I bet I hit every traffic light on the way to work’ then guess what sunshine? The Universe hears ‘hit every traffic light’ and delivers. But we, ungrateful little devils, don’t even thank Her for coming through with the goods! All She did was deliver exactly what was asked for.


Your Manifestation Toolbox

+ Affirmations

+ Vision Boards

+ Meditation

+ Positive Thoughts

+ Visual Reminders of your Desires

+ Active Pursuit of your Desires

These are all ways of fine tuning your intentions and lettin’ the Universe know that you mean business. Affirmations, we have spoken about on the blog. Vision Boards will be poppin’ up on your screen soon via the NANS but in the mean time you’re encouraged to have a looksie here and here – articles by my girls Jess and Rachel who are Manifestation Gurus! Meditation will also be popping up on the NANS shortly, but I’ll direct you to both the Yoga Emporium’s and Melissa Ambrosini’s amazing selection of guided meditations. BUT a very important addition to this toolbox of wonders is the final tool ‘The Active Pursuit of your Desires’. It’s all well and good saying to the Universe ‘I want a bangin’ body, to radiate health and to drive a Porche’ when two seconds later you’re belly up on the couch, eating twisties and drinking Coke, online shopping for a million and one things you will never end up wearing … that will make it a LOT harder for the Universe to give you what you asked for sweetheart.

Blessings, magic and manifestations x

Images sourced 1) Here and 2) Here.

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