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Getting There – When the Journey Really is Just as Cool as the Destination

From the moment I booked my trip, I treated every leading step in the process part of the holiday. Including, and in fact especially, the flights. Getting on that plane kickstarted my solo time of zero responsibility, zero obligations and a blissful +24hours of whatever the heck I wanted. The thing is though – up […]

What Voldemort and I have in Common


I’m not planning world domination, nor am I seeking revenge on a visually challenged, scar donning adolescent – BUT old mate VoldieĀ and I do actually have a common thread. He calls them horcruxes, I call them life experiences. I recently came across a quote that says “travelling means leaving a piece of your heart all […]



My heart seemed to grow, ten fold, in my travels. More love, more gratitude, more connection, more passion, more fire, more joy … It feels damn good. So I’m trying to relish and savour this absolutely phenomenal momentum and full o’ juice sensation. Gratitude time bitches. 1 // Old friends – who have overwhelmed me […]



Don’t get me wrong – I, like every other human with a pulse, get those all too familiar pangs of post holiday blues when returning home from an epic adventure. This week has been no different. Monday morning I woke, in my bedroom, at my parent’s house in Perth, and I longed for that delicious […]

Musings of my Messy Mind – a reflective post


  I knew this trip was to be a big one, the life changer, the life affirming, the life giver, and I knew that I would come back changed in some way … but I had no idea of the extent to which this trip would peel back my layers and leave me (happily) raw, […]

Our Incan Journey


On 30th April – eleven nervous little novice hikers left the big city (read: Ollytaytambo, well it’s sort of big) bound for the adventure of their lives. Eight of us had signed up for the classic 4 day Inca trail, and three for the growingly popular 3 day Lares trail. Today’s post covers the ins […]

Peruvian Adventures


Peru, like Bolivia, felt like a big ole bag of uncertainty when we approached this leg of the trip. I sat, in complete overwhelm & maybe even a trickle of fear (possibly influenced also by it being the evening before death road) during our welcome orientation with our new Peruvian guide, terrified of what was […]

Surviving Death Road (& how in a way I didn’t…)


  Cryptic title hey? I realised that all of our post ride celebrations were solely focused on our success & our conquering of the world’s most dangerous road – which, yeppp, is amazing and well worth celebrating (because, life) but I realised that there were certainly parts of me that didn’t survive the treacherous journey […]