I just wrote the date and was flummoxed when my hand wrote a ‘6’ in the designated month box. How the FUG did we somehow arrive at the 6th month of a 12 month year? I know I’m not alone in my thinking that this year, twenny-sixteen, has absolutely flown by. Now, normally this realisation of the speed of time and the quick ‘sands through the hourglass’ passing of our days would send me into a tail spin. But this year is different.

Yes, it’s gone incredibly fast. One year ago today, I was in metaphorically and literally an entirely different place. The past twelve months have brought both adventures and challenges that I could have never predicted but which have inevitably contributed to an absolute bangin’ little life. BUT here is the key difference in my non-freak-out state of mind. I have been consciously present in every single day that’s passed by this year. I’ve been present and fully immersed in both the stellar and the mundane happenings of my life – so yes, it’s gone fast, but for the first time I don’t feel like I have lost time. I’ve experienced every single second.

But I’m still me. Emily who runs at a million miles an hour, has approximately a gazillion ideas on the go at any one time, who has goals and ambitions coming out the wazoo … she is still here. So midyear, for her, means a reevaluation of where the bleep she’s at and where the bleep she is going.

I’ve touched on posts before the concept explored by so many revolutionary thinkers like Danielle Laporte, Gabrielle Bernstein, Marie Forleo etc about the creation and incorporation of goals with soul. Turning goal setting on it’s head and starting from the bottom up. We usually pick a tangible goal, like run 5km by August, and kill ourselves trying to get there, and punish ourselves relentlessly if we fall short. What these divas encourage us to do instead is peel back that goal to the desire that lies at its centre and try to amplify that. So you want to run a 5km, great. But why? How do you desire to feel in your pursuit and achievement of said goal? Is it to feel fit? To look bangin’? To have an ass that attracts ‘dayyyyums’ wherever you go? To feel desirable? To feel strong? Whatever it may be, that is the goal you should chase and your day to day tasks and activities should support that feeling. Let’s just say that your goal to run 5km is based on the desire to look good. I’ve been there! So you want to feel attractive, desirable and confident? What else could you incorporate into your day to facilitate those feelings? A run will help pump endorphins and shape your bod, a nutritious and epic salad will fuel your temple, wearing sexy lingerie will help to amp up your sense of femininity and sexuality (fellas, this could apply to you too … apologies), listening to dirty hip hop whilst enjoying a red wine and a delish decadent meal with your lover … all of these things, all starkly different in appearance, can contribute to the same soul goal and generate the same core desired feeling. If this is something you want to read more about – head over to Ms Laporte’s epic site and peruse her library of resources. Her stuff is incredible. Girl crush. Lady boner. 

So, my question to you for today, how do you want to feel (each and every day) over the remaining course of this incredible year?

Side note – People, situations, thoughts, environments … they all change. And desires are no different. What you explore and highlight today as a desire may be so far from your mind in a month or so, and that’s ok. That’s life. Cycles and rhythms baby. Honour where you’re at now and just make a commitment to check in every now and again. In this moment, right here and now, what do you desire?

My desires and power words (I desire…) : freedom and flow; connection to myself, my world and the people in it; adventure, play and wildness; passion and pleasure; creativity; and divine simplicity.

Let’s get this year rocking. I would LOVE to hear from you. Please share your own power words, goals, desires or whatever you wish to via our Facebook page, Instagram account, or in the comments section below!

Blessings and desires a plenty x

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