Getting There – When the Journey Really is Just as Cool as the Destination

From the moment I booked my trip, I treated every leading step in the process part of the holiday. Including, and in fact especially, the flights. Getting on that plane kickstarted my solo time of zero responsibility, zero obligations and a blissful +24hours of whatever the heck I wanted. The thing is though – up until this year – I have had an irrational fear of flying or, more specifically and morbidly, plummeting to my death while flying. And for reasons completely unknown to me – this fear evaporated totally and utterly (I was actually SO excited to board) prior to the trip. BUT today, for worry wart flyers, and all flyers really, I wanted to share some tips for the airborne aspects of your travels :

+ Remind yourself of the fact that flying is in fact the second safest form of travel. Second only to escalators. This ridic fact reassured me no end and had an immediate effect on my anxiety.
+ Drink oodles of water on flight to prevent dehydration and feeling shitty.
+ Avoid alcohol, coffee and tea as they are dehydrating. However on an evening flight – I often indulge in a glass of red vino to lull me to sleep.
+ Remove make up and have a hydrating mist or moisturiser ready. As soon as I got on my flights, I used a gentle make up removal wipe and applied my own blend of a hydrating facial mist and my skin LOVED me for it! Normally I break out during flights but this time – my skin was so much calmer when I landed!
+ BYO bottle and ask (with a big smile) one of the lovely hostesses to fill it for you during the flight. It a) reduces plastic waste, b) ensures that you stay hydrated and c) keeps you full between meals.
+ Pack layers. To avoid freezing yo’ titties off – make sure you have lots of warm layers packed. I opted for a jumper, beanie and donned the ever sexy complimentary socks last flight & I was snug as a bug. AND I got to keep my titties.
+ Be friendly to your neighbour. It’ll be a lonnnnng flight if you don’t have a buddy. *Update* Mayyyyybe suss the vibe before you talk. It may end in an awkward date offer from a senile Peruvian who mistook your friendliness for affection. True. Story. 
+ Choose your films and television shows wisely. You won’t make friends when you’re sniffling and sobbing into your scarf. Another. True. Story.
+ Make the most of the complimentary care packs offered on some flights. I’ve recently flown with Etihad and Emirates, who both provide a care pack that includes – headphones, ear plugs, eye mask, socks, toothbrush & toothpaste. These truly can make the difference in getting as much shut eye as you can muster on these long haul bad boys. Note – Don’t ever worry about what others think because socks that look like they’re straight out of a nursing home are indeed sexy. As fug. 
+ Hippie shout out to all the unconventional means of calming and grounding that saved this little chicka. Amythest and clear quartz crystals were kept in my bra – really good for calm and protection. But potentially awkward if I had plans to join the mile high club and crystals fell out from my chesticles. And lavender essential oil – applied to the soles of the feet and behind the ear – was magic in bringing about greater peace and tranquility.

Blessings and safe travels x


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