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Apologies for the Monday morning profanities (but, not really). In the midst of a Sunday evening Instagram scroll, these bad boy appeared on my feed and punched me right in the feels. They scarily resonated with a conversation that I’d had earlier that afternoon with some of my gals (over an amazing lunch and vino fuelled catch up) and left me pondering well after the chat was over. I feel like I’m spewing out happiness and epiphany laden conversations as of late, and that everyone in my life is vibing pretty high, so these conversations aren’t considered rare. BUT this one stuck.

Life isn’t the once a year//five year holiday we save for mercilessly, it isn’t the one day in which we marry the love of our lives, it isn’t the night out with your clique, it isn’t the weekend … they’re just the Oreo biscuit base. They stand out a little more and are prominent and much loved bookends of our experiences, but the delicious filling is comprised of all the day to day ‘now’ moments that we so often will away. We too easily forget this and beg time to go faster and transport us to the next ‘fun’ moment – whether that be the evening, weekend, or weeks//months down the track. Fuck. That. (Again … sorry).

My challenge of the past few weeks in resettling back to my home town, after having my eyes opened and heart freakin’ pumped with the juiciest of love drugs on my recent trip, has been to manifest and cultivate the same feelings of adventure and profound happiness that I discovered in my travels. I can say, with total honesty and not one iota of inauthenticity, that I have never been as happy as I have been right now. I have never perceived my life to be as full as it is right now. I have never woken up with such gusto every single morning, as I have been as of late. BUT that’s not to say my life is any ‘better’ than it has been in the past and in fact I’ve experienced life and love and adventures before that, on paper, should contribute to much greater happiness than the mundane little things now that make me smile like a cheshire cat. The difference, I believe, is perspective and attitude. I choose, every single morning, to appreciate the experiences ahead and the gift of another day that we have been granted (because, trust me, the past twelve months have taught me that it truly is a freakin’ gift, one that not everyone is lucky enough to receive).

I have worked really hard, but happily, naturally and excitedly, to infuse my life with good shit. To fill my days with people and things that make my soul scream ‘yes!’ and that make my heart go boom boom. These aren’t crazy or overzealous things mind you, but rather are the simple but powerful result of being fully present and mindful in the day to day creation of our lives.


+ The magic of mornings. It’s no secret that the morning holds crazy potent energy and often sets the tone for the remainder of the day. If you sleep through your alarm, ninja out of bed and hurry straight in to the craziness of your work day – you will very bloody likely carry this dense, low vibe energy with you through the day and will be a magnet for all things stress inducing and freak out worthy. But, if you start the day with a tea, or a walk, or with a really epic morning nookie session with your honey – you will go forth into that day with an amazing and potent vibe, attracting more and more good stuff. My morning drug of choice at the moment? I have carved out a morning routine that fires me up and gets me so connected and happy by the time I hit the office at 8am. I’m up at 5am, brew a tea or make myself a piping hot cup of joe, then plonk myself on the couch for an hour long writing session to get the words out of my system, then I am gym//hike bound at 6am for a sweat sesh. These two extra hours are solely for me and serve the purpose of ensuring that, no matter how my work day goes, I’ve been able to do something just for me, and that sets my soul alight, all before the sun has even risen. Try it. Immediately.

+ Choose to see the good. People so often go straight for the flaws, with our eyes and minds almost trained to pick up on the lack or the not-so-hot aspects of our lives and hone in on them, thus ignoring the magic that resides on the fringes of our lives. There is SO much good in every single day. Even on the shit ones. Even on the rainy, cold, crappy days – there’s both a literal and metaphoric rainbow. Your challenge is to find it, love it and thank it. Or create it. Sprinkle some positive vibes, whether that’s a text to a friend, a midday walk to the beach, treating yourself to your favourite indulgence … find the good, make the good and focus on the good. It’s there, trust me.

+ Surround yourself with people who inspire you and make you happy. Life’s too short to compromise your own happiness for people that just don’t give a shit. Lovingly remove yourself from people and//or situations that don’t leave you saying ‘fuck yeah’ (I’m quoting the graphics above, so it’s not really swearing). Life is too short for bad coffee, bad sex, bad vibes. You know those people who make you feel like you could either a) do anything because in their eyes, you’re a superhero or b) make you feel like your heart might just burst when you’re around them – THESE are the people who should fill your days. Call them. Now. I will wait here while you do …

+ Figure out what makes you happy and do it, often.  And do so without judgement or preconceptions. If painting your nails a shade of Shrek Green makes you happy, go nuts. If reading in the lounge for five hours straight on a Sunday morning makes you happy, freakin’ read away friend. Don’t save your ‘happy’ for the weekend. Capture it daily and fit it in. If you want to make space for something, you can. That daily happy pill is a single choice away, so make it.

Blessings and far too many profanities x

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