My heart seemed to grow, ten fold, in my travels. More love, more gratitude, more connection, more passion, more fire, more joy … It feels damn good. So I’m trying to relish and savour this absolutely phenomenal momentum and full o’ juice sensation.

Gratitude time bitches.

1 // Old friends – who have overwhelmed me with calls, texts, catch ups, unending support and love. I’m so frikkin overwhelmingly grateful to have so many people in my life who love me and who I, in return, adore to the moon and back.

2// New friends – every single morning I am in hysterics after receiving overnight texts and mms’s from my new tribe of international travel buddies. You have no idea how much joy you are bringin’ me.

3 // The power of words – I have just reread my diary for the umpteenth time and I am so so grateful for the consistency and thoroughness of past Emily’s documentation. With every page, I relive the most incredible experiences and am instantly transported to another place and time. For free (since my money is seemingly finito).

4 // Sunshine – it’s technically Autumn and on the brink of winter, and I sat in the sunshine with my mama and enjoyed a midday wine yesterday. And the sun was bright and hot and beautiful. And the sky was a vibrant blue. And the grass was all green and lush. And I thought to myself ‘what a wonderful world’.  

5 // Chocolate coated coffee beans – I am actually embarrassed to admit how many of these I have eaten this past week. It’s embarrassing whether you look at it from a chocolate intake point of view OR a coffee intake point of view. It’s bad. But oh so mother flippin’ good.

6 // Beanies – I am not at all embarrassed however to admit how many days over the past week I have worn a beanie. It’s seven. Seven out of seven days. Why? Because I bought the world’s best beanie at a Peruvian market for about $2AUD and I adore it; my head is constantly toasty AND I look adorable. Win, win, mother flippin’ win.

7 // Dirty phat beats – Is there anything better than the second a beat drops and you forget you’re a (very) white girl with unimpressive dance moves because in that second, you are Yonce and you are God.

8 // Being (by default) co owner of the world’s best crockery and costume – My housemate’s boyfriend moved in (and he is a lord so already life is good) AND he brought with him the coolest mug set AND a giant bear costume. Can’t deal. It’s the best.

9 // West Australian beaches – I adore you in every way, shape and form.

10 // Soy cappuccinosLeche de soja was impossible to source in my travels. I missed the familiar flavour of my favourite coffee order and now that I’m home and settled and back in town, soy caps are back with a making-Emily-so-damn-happy vengeance.

Other blessings include (but are not limited to) –

+ rainy mornings in bed with a book

+ kale, in all it’s green salady goodness

+ happy people whose zest for life oozes out of their every pore

+ deep conversations at midnight

+ wine. mulled, pink, red, white – just all wine deserves a shout out here.

+ fresh sheets

+ open windows and afternoon breeze

+ laughing til you cry (or snort)

+ finding hidden trails close to home

+ washing your face at the end of a day

+ taking off your bra at the end of a day

+ Apus and Mamapacha

+ Sleepless nights because your mind is restless with inspiration

+ Sleepless nights because …

+ Fixing a problem with the computer with a simple ‘cancel’ and ‘reboot’ when you thought you’d need to upgrade the whole thing

Blessings, blessings and (just for something different) more blessings x

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