Ok, Let’s Get Real.


As I write this, curled up on the couch, rugged up in a beautiful thermal throw, sipping from a nutmilk chai and with the musings of MasterChef playing in the background – I am so effing blissfully, truly, ridiculously happy. This may, to you the reader, seem pretty standard – my posts are generally a reflection of a balanced, happy, centred, connected Emily. The Emily who is so in her truth, that the words flow and life is as it should be. I spoke a little about it in last week’s post – stuck Emily don’t write, balanced Emily do.

But the truth is, I haven’t been so happy this week. I’ve struggled with awful thoughts, awful feelings, awful physical symptoms, awful, awful, awful. It felt funky. Super fudgin’ funky.

How did I get through it? How did I get back to ‘me’ when, honestly, all I wanted to do was hide under my doona and sleep away my time? I’m not at all prescribing a depression kicker for all people, everyone suffers from the doom and gloom neggy bugs differently, but rather I’m sharing with you (my darlings) what worked for me. I’m so fortunate that these bouts of neggy Nancy’s come about only sporadically, and usually leave me as fast as they arrive, but I do experience them. We all do. None of us are immune to suffering from short, long, mild, severe (or whatevs is your egos style of attack) times of depression, anxiety or general shittiness. It ain’t fun and it ain’t pretty. But it is temporary. I promise you that.

Everything will be ok in the end, and if it’s not ok then it’s not the end.

So how did I kick my neggy bugs square in the crouch?

+ I observed my thoughts and witnessed my feelings. I didn’t buy into them. I never accepted these passing stories as real. Because they weren’t. That voice in my head, my ego, was telling me lies and prying me away from my true self. I took a step back and merely observed. I allowed myself to feel shit, I allowed myself to go through the motions, I allowed myself to be horribly grumpy, sad and pathetic. All the while, reminding myself that it was complete and utter B.S.

+ I consulted my teachers. Gabrielle Bernstein, Danielle LaPorte & Tara Bliss. These women had what I needed and pulled me out of my lull. Constant reassurance that I am supported and I am always able to reconnect to my essence.

+ I treated myself. Oh holy poop-the-bed, did I treat myself. Lacey Haynes is a little ray of sunshine and has released the most beautiful set of meditative audios. Delish. Check ’em out here. These flicked the switch and triggered my happies.

+ Moved my body. I sweated out the neggys like you wouldn’t believe. Sometimes I felt sad and sorry for myself, but I never felt worse for it. Take home message – move your body, it’s the best form of therapy.

+ Focussed on the good. Life is rife with blessings and beauty. What you focus on, expands. Focus on your blessings, celebrate your blessings, savour your blessings and they will multiply and spawn like bunnies in mating season. Like breeds like. Focus on all the good and disempower the bad.

Blessings, happiness and cheesy mother flippin’ smiles x


PS. Check out the incredible Meditation Party Pack, created by my happiness guru Miss Haynes, by clicking on the gorgeous pic above.


Beautiful images found here and here.

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