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I’ve been feeling a little ‘stuck’ lately. A not necessarily bad, but not necessarily good, feeling. When I feel like this, misaligned and bent out o’ shape, I don’t write. I write when the words flow, when inspiration seeps from my bones, when ‘true’ Emily is steering this ship and when I feel authentic, aligned and connected. So apologies to you all, darling readers, for my absence. I’ve been busy finding myself again. And having butt-loads of fun along the way mind you. But I’m popping in to share with you some soul ramblings. These are nuggets of my conversational stream of conscience as I settled in to a long drive home during the week. I’m such a ‘word oriented’ person, and experience such vivid and all consuming thoughts that I have resorted to recording them to be transcribed later in my journal or online. So here, especially for you, I am sharing my words. My most precious thoughts and soul ramblings …


Abundance. Such a hot word at the moment. During a recent exercise within Danielle LaPorte’s ‘Fire Starter Sessions’ – I nutted out my 6 words. The driving force behind ev-er-y-thing that I do. My core desired feelings. As my pen tip flickered across the page – shared threads and common themes started to appear. Abundance came across strongly. But it didn’t sit right. It just didn’t feel like me. Feeling ‘abundant’ wasn’t something I desired to feel. It just didn’t mean much to me at all. But, for lack of a better word, it seemed to stick. Until I probed further and thought ‘what would feeling abundant actually mean//reflect?’. It would allow me to be share my abundance with my loved ones, to be unrestricted to enjoy my days doing what I truly loved, to spoil myself and others, to give and support other services and endeavours in the community and wider world. And, like lightening, it struck me. Generosity. My core desired feeling was generosity. Yes, that sat better with me. I wrote it out and stuck it on my vision board.


Over the month, generosity grew. It became so much more than I gave it credit for. It’s such a powerful word. I initially limited it to financial generosity but it has evolved to become SO much more. It has stretched to include generous with my words – to shower those around me with love, praise, complement and appreciation; generous with my time – to be truly and limitlessly present when sharing time with my loved ones; generous with my love – to be abundantly affectionate, caring and compassionate; generous with my gestures – small gifts to say ‘thank you’, acknowledgement of someone’s passions or achievements; generous to MYSELF – showing patience, endless love and respect and kindness towards myself and my endeavours.

Every morning I ask myself ‘how can I be generous today?’, ‘where can I show generosity’?, ‘how can I give more?’.

Curiosity may have killed the cat – but generosity will save the world. Yes sir’ree.

Blessings, gratitudes, ear to ear grins and so dang much generosity x


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