Feelin’ Fabulously Feminine.


Ok – I’m by no means a feminist and I’m by no means a sign-wielding, protest attending, hairy-armpitted female fighter (although complete and utter kudos to you if I just summed you up in a nutshell girlfriend). But I am a firm believer and advocate for fairness, kindness and equal rights. Whether my newfound yogic practice and strive for the zen life has removed my goggles or whether, after years of singin’ the praises of all the incredible men and women in my life, I have come to realise how much prejudice and inequality sometimes exists in our world. In developing countries, gender issues are rife and young women are raised to be ‘seen and not heard’. In Western Society, we still get hit with a different kettle o’ fish, and when I came across these videos that so cleverly highlighted the still-present inequalities in our society – I just had to share.

Find these videos here, oh and here.

So raise your perfectly manicured lady hands sisters. Let your voice be heard and give ’em hell.

Blessings and pink coloured polish x


Image sourced from Luevo

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