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I cannot believe that we already find ourselves half way through the year. Half way. Six months in. Just as much ahead as is behind. Ca-razy. June, with it’s sometimes shitty neither here-nor there weather and it’s (g)looming promise of tax time, can sometimes come off as a bit of a burden. It’s a blergh month and it usually leads us to freak out at a) how fast time is flying and b) as serving as a reminder of all of our well intended New Years resolutions that kind of fell in a heap on January 2nd. Never fear for the NEW new year is here.

That’s right – I made up a holiday. And it’s a gooden. Ripe with possibility, passion and searingly razor sharp vision. Boom chucka lucka – don’t you already feel the difference?

I want us to put on a different pair o’ glasses when we look at this time of year. Instead of getting down and gloomy about the goals we haven’t achieved – let’s get vocal and celebrate the goals that we have achieved! This could be as simple as giving yourself a pat on the back for finally going to that first yoga class, or going for a run, or trying a meatless dish, or being more mindful and present in your relationships, or investing in yourself a bit more, or showing more love to your family and friends. These achievements don’t have to be ones that you’ve consistently stuck to day in day out, although massive kudos to you if you have and please feel free to share your super power with the rest of us. They are simply a reflection of the steps taken to reach your desired outcome. Baby steps. Micro hops. Praise the shiz out of yourself for getting these done. If you legit can’t come up with anything that you deem worth celebrating, firstly gimme a call and I guarantee I will find something fabulous that you’ve done, and secondly turn your attention then to what lessons you have learnt so far this year. If it has been a particularly tough year, if you’ve faced challenges and tribulations and just haven’t felt that ‘spark’, then farewell those times and thank them for the lessons they have brought. Find that silver lining. What beautiful wisdom bloomed from a shitty situation? Don’t discount these experiences. These are far more transformative than we ever give them credit for. So thank you, sucky situations, because you made us beam our light where there seemed only dark.

Once you’re all sweaty and glowing from all the high fives and compliments you’ve given yourself on a fine six months worth of progress and glorious transformation – whether achievement based or lessons learnt oriented – it’s time to harness that momentum and get crackin’. Time to check in with yourself and feel. Reflect on what you had perhaps hoped to have achieved or where you had hoped to have been in your life at this point, or if you’re a navigational superstar and you’re right on course then where are you steering your ship next cap’n? You may have hoped that you were in a different career by this time – how does it feel to have not shifted yet? Perhaps, although that was your desire at the start of the year, with the unfolding of the months it has brought a new found appreciation and passion for the career that you’re in? Maybe there is bonafide resistance because you’re truly happy where you are. Go deeper, push yourself to turn inwards and really uncover what those desires are. If you feel wracked with guilt or fear or anger when you think about where you are – carve out, elegantly and oh so detailed, where you wish to see yourself in another six months. Identify what may have stopped you from being there now. How can you break this end result down into manageable and bite sized chunks that set you up for success? Maybe, in the scenario of the desired career change, you are furious that another six months have gone by and you haven’t yet actioned change. Notice how I say, yet, because if it’s what you truly desire then I promise you it will come about. What delayed your actions? What can you learn from the past few months that you can use to fuel and project yourself even further over the next few. 

We have the gift, privilege and blessing to design our own lives. To create the exact life that we wish to experience. True story.

What paint strokes will you lay on the canvas today?

Blessings and a fire in mah belly the size of Big Ben x

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