A new little segment of the blog that will pop up from time to time (I have decided) is ‘Share the Love’ – a forum dedicated to sharing all the weird and wonderful wellness resources that are lurking about the place. 

I thought I’d kickstart off today’s post by sharing with you a ‘Swap chart’ designed by the beautiful Jessica Ainscough. Print it, stick it, apply it, love it.

Please take this with a pinch of salt (sea salt o’course) – these swaps might not something that work for you or that you feel comfortable implementing just yet (baby steps my friend) – but these serve as a general guide to reduce the nasties and bump up the goodies in the foods that we eat. 

Have a go tonight! What is something that you will challenge yourself to ‘swap’ this week? Share in the comments section below or via Bless this Mess’s facebook page!

Blessings from my swapped and topsy turvey healthy kitchen x

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