FEED ME MONDAY – The ‘Post That Never Ends’ Edition

This week is likely going to be a whole lot o’ “Feed Me Monday” like posts. ‘Why are you all about food this week Emily?’, I hear you ask. Well. It is because yesterday afternoon the skies parted, there was joyful music and exultation and jubilation as our humble Dunsborough kitchen was blessed with a THERMOMIX. This little baby is our pride and joy for the next five days or so as I push this little devil of a machine to its limits and spend the week reviewing its ins and outs!

So far – and sans pictures I’m afraid – we have made a vegetable stock (no preservatives and a whole lot o’ veges means that Emily is super happy already) and I whipped up a fresh batch of almond butter in no time at all to refresh my sad little supply. I’ll be sure to take oodles of photos as I go but for the purpose of today’s post, and for my fellow thermies out there, I will post the Almond Butter recipe below.

Au Naturalle Almond Butter – Thermie Styles

250g almonds
4 tspns coconut

Put almonds in TM bowl and process on speed 9 for 1 minute.
Scrape down sides.
Add coconut oil and process on speed 9 for a further 30 seconds.

Blessings and a budding thermomix infatuation x

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