Feature Friday


Today’s chosen charity and therefore today’s ‘feature Friday’ is the Make a Wish Foundation Australia. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the organisation and have seen the ‘can shakers’ and ‘wish granters’ around the place with those familiar Make a Wish stickers ready to distribute to donators. But what exactly do Make a Wish do […]

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Ok I seem to alternate between my Friday topics way too regularly and I promise, once life settles back to normal, that we will once again follow a more finite structure and adopt some sort of predictability with these blog themes. But in the meantime – get ready to get motivated, laugh and swoon… Today […]

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Image found here One of my promises when I started this blog was that I would never ‘force’ myself to write if I wasn’t feeling inspired OR if I was feeling completely under the pump and had little time. Today is a bit of both my loves and so Workout Wednesday will be put to […]

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Preface – This post was written last night when I was feeling very overwhelmed and it came at the end of a rather stressful day. I’ve had to make a few house related decisions and I have fast realised that I don’t do so well when the pressure comes a-pilin’ on and my sidekick isn’t […]

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FEED ME MONDAY – L’edizione Italiana


Buongiorno mi amici and welcome to little Italy! I’m taking you on a magic gondola ride and feeding you a delicious, healthy, nutritious and satisfying dish that settles your pasta cravings and ensures your cells are given a variety of alkalinising and oxygen carrying nutrients.Benefits and Nutritional Properties of this Dish+ Zucchinis help to – […]

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Image found here Oops missed this baby last week so you get a double feature today! I have two beautiful causes that I want to share with you this week and both are organisations that I have chosen to donate to within my Lenten donation plan! They are both quite different but each support a […]

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I am SO excited to share today’s post with you because it is your weekly dose of pictorial inspiration and depicts values that are so near and dear to my heart.  When creating my Vision Board for 2013, I focussed less on the things that I wanted and instead focussed on portraying the way I wanted to feel and […]

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Happy Thursday party people! Just a quick and simple post to keep the momentum train a-chuggin! I’m no longer updating through my personal facebook account and am already using the Bless This Mess profile to send love and happiness out into cyberspace for all you lovelies to gobble up! But I have a feeling that […]

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This image found here  Ohmmmmmmm. Hear that? Sound of silence people and boy is it a sweet sound! This week’s Workout Wednesday topic is Yoga. I am being slowly pulled more and more into the stillness and serenity that yoga and meditation provides. As I am learning more about holistic health and wellness, I’m realising that […]

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FEED ME MONDAYS – The Basic Meal Edition


‘Ello ‘ello! And so begins another week. These Mondays seem to come around so fast don’t they? I’ve been busy fighting a bloody cold over the weekend but it seems I am winning (yes!) so glad to see the tail end of a very sore throat, sniffly nose and night sweats! Mondays are short and […]

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