Considering South America? 10 reasons that will get you there sooner than you can say ‘Buenos Dias’




1 – You’re dying to develop your llama//alpaca differentiation skills.

I don’t mean to brag but I can now identify a llama or alpaca, at a distance, in lightening speed. CV get ready – my skills section is gettin’ an update.

2 – You want to restore your faith in humanity and the good in people.

The people of South America (especially Peru) have some of the BIGGEST hearts. They live for family, friends, Pachamama (mother earth) and they will leave your soul smiling.

3 – You want to see profound beauty.

Machu Picchu, Lake Titticaca, the mountain ranges of Bolovia, Brazilian beaches … You will truly see the best that this sexy little planet has to offer.

4 – You want to challenge your liver.

Cachaça in Brazil, Singani in Bolivia, Pisco in Peru, happy hour has never been so happy. Delicious drinks and potent rocket fuel of a spirit – you will leave your inhibitions at the door after just one of these bad boys.

5 – You want to meet people who will change the way that you look at and experience the world.

I have found that the people who often travel to South America tend to want the same things: to experience adventure, culture and fun. You may just strike gold like me and meet your soul mates in your travels.

6 – You want to get high (sans drugs).

Ok this one isn’t guaranteed BUT my altitude sickness likened a post weed brownie high. I was giggly, super happy, bouncy and a little shaky. Risk of incarceration? Zilch. Wicked sick high? Yup.

7 – You want to see all the colours of the rainbow.

In nature, textiles, produce … South America seems to be where God flexed his artistic muscle and went bananas with his paintbrush and palette.

8 – You want to try things that might just kill you.

Death Road in Bolivia, Inca trail in Peru, Amazonian adventures … Get ready to have your heart rate pumping and mind blown.

9 – You want to test out your immune system.

There’s a wee chance that you might get sick. Either from altitude, food poisoning, traveller’s tummy etc. I was so bloody blessed and managed to escape the six weeks with nothing more than a cough and few funky weird symptoms. Lucky ducky.

10 – You want to have the adventure of your life.

In my (slightly bias and way too in love with the place) opinion, South America is the best playground for adults. Stop hesitating and just book.

Blessings and way too much heartache over leaving this heaven x

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