FEED ME MONDAY – The ‘Vegan Salad’ Edition

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I struggle with a straight up plant only salad. I crave a little oomph. My body feels full but not satisfied. Beans only take me so far, but it seems that I’m developing somewhat of an aversion since getting older and these days a sprinkle of chickpeas leaves me with ‘tootin’ cramps! My favourite additions to ‘beef’ up a salad (sans beef) are flaxoil, chia seeds, nuts or a bangin’ dressing. Enter today’s recipe in all it’s glory. A chunky ‘dressing’ that satisfies like nobody’s business.

PS – I’m all about volumetrics these days – the theory that the volume of what you eat is NOT created equal. Polishing off a massive bowl of salad is not the same as polishing off a massive bowl of mac & cheese. The nutrition of each meal is NOT defined by it’s quantity. So, when I say I have a massive bowl of salad for lunch, t-rust that I mean massive. Because in plant based terms – super-sized meals actually mean super nutrition.



Generous handfuls of your choice of leafy greens (I opt for rocket)

Tomato (chopped roughly)



Red capsicum

Nut of choice (I choose a small handful of pepitas or almonds)

Avo Dressing

1 ripe avocado

Squeeze of lemon juice (to taste depending on your ‘zingy’ craving!)

Sprinkles of salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and nutritional yeast.


Simply mix all ingredients together for the chunky dressing. You essentially end up with a guacamole style concoction. Set aside, assemble your salad and then top with the avo magic. Mix through and wallah! A kind, simple, nutritious salad that benefits you, the enviro and the world! Boom!

Blessings and a bowl of salad as big as mah head x

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