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Today’s post is the amalgamation of two seemingly separate trains of thought // epiphanies // recent realisations that I soon came to realise weren’t actually all that distinctive or different of concepts to not be shoved in the same post. So here we are. If you are ridiculously time poor and want the condensed and nuggeted version of the post below – I have summarised it for you so that you can go be a boss human and spread your magic far and wide as soon as possible – “Life is short. Find happiness where you are. Love with the biggest and most open of hearts“. For those of you who are feelin’ naughty and wanting to explore this topic more, keep readin’ and dive on in.

For something that we are all too aware of, it’s quite amazing how quickly and easily we disregard it during our day to day musings. The age old adage ‘there are two certainties in life – death and taxes‘ is all too familiar. Although very few of us will ever know for sure when and where our passing will take place – we tend go about our days almost ignorant of this truth and live as if we are confident of unlimited days and opportunities ahead. Wayne Dyer talks about people experiencing ‘quantum moments‘ – moments and experiences that radically alter and shift our path and perceptions. They shake up our world and call up to reconsider all that we know, all that we prioritise and all that we are. These may come in the form of a break up, break down, illness, loss of a loved one or other significant life event. He revealed that in studies of people pre and post their own respective quantum moment, their priorities totally shifted. Men who once prioritised abundance//wealth, sense of adventure and sense of achievement, following a quantum moment found that they instead prioritised spirituality, personal peace and family. Women whose top priorities prior to a quantum shift included family, sense of independence and feeling attractive, then shifted to personal growth, self esteem and a sense of spirituality. These shifts in our internal prioritisation system and our desires needn’t wait for a big, and often initially tragic or challenging, event. We can start to recalibrate and realign ourselves with our priorities right now. What sort of life would you look back on and know, in your heart, that you had actively and fully lived out?

Whilst driving through the beautiful surrounds of mah home digs, singing (totally off key and giving zero effs) to Ed Sheeran, immersed in the perfection of the moment exactly as it was (and not where it was taking me), a few little words popped into my mind. “Make your here so delicious, that the there doesn’t really matter”. Enjoy, appreciate and take in all the beauty and joy of this moment so that the latter moments aren’t solely responsible for your happiness. So glaringly obvious. Make your present – your ‘here’, your ‘now’, your only ever real and tangible moment – fulfilling and joyful and love soaked and positive, so much so that you’re not all ‘destination fixation’ on the path ahead. It’s great to have goals, ambitions, hopes and dreams, don’t get me wrong. I mean, have you met me? I’m all about the growth and journey! But the reality of our lives on this planet is that we don’t, unfortunately//fortunately, ever know which morning might just be our last opportunity to see a sunrise. Our last opportunity to say ‘I love you’ or ‘I care’ or ‘You mean the world to me, I’m grateful for you’. Our last chance to lazily roll over in bed and smother our partner with kisses. To lead and serve the world. To make something. We never know whether or not the next moment will ever arrive. So doesn’t it then make total and utter sense that we exist 100% within this moment, the only guarantee, rather than delaying things that are possible right now instead for investing these things in a future that might not ever arrive.


My here is delicious. I feel like I’m in a period of transition, I don’t necessarily feel like I’ve arrived at where I’m intended to be, BUT I am surrendering the need or dependancy on getting there. If this is my middle ground, holy tolitoes, what an incredible middle ground to play and explore in. My there has become somewhat irrelevant, because every day is spent with purpose, intent, present, joy and connection. If I wasn’t to be gifted a subsequent moment, I’d be pretty happy with the ones I’d already enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong, I have a whole lot more living to do, but I guess the shift in perspective that I’m trying to capture is that I’ve set the intention to live in a way that doesn’t rely on a destination//outcome//final port, but that is perfect and whole in its own merit.

One of my new favourite quotes is ‘Don’t die with your music still in you‘. Don’t let life pass you by without expressing your whole and unapologetic truth. Find what lights you up, and go do it. Every day.

Blessings and quantum moments x

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