I find that the times when I throw myself into new projects and writing ventures (some pretty epic collaborations are unfolding, so stay toooooned my loves), I inadvertently wind up ignoring this little nook. My bad. I’ve always promised that I refuse to write unless inspired to do so, I never want it to feel forced or in genuine and the only time I will write is when my fingers find their own rhythm, I’m in the zone and minutes tick by like milliseconds. As I plonked myself down to give BTM a little love tonight, it all felt stale. And not because I’m not buzzing, and not because I’m not finding inspiration and joy and epicness around every corner, but just because nothing has ripened yet. I’m still brewing. So, dear readers, I promise you that good stuff is coming, I promise you that it’ll be worth the wait and I promise you that I’m still here – living the deliciously messy and blessed life that I bang on about so very much.

Tonight’s post is inspired by a recent little convo had in the mean streets (read: amazing streets) of Ubud. In a fancy minivan, driven by a heavyset and joyful Balinese dude, we spoke at length on the beliefs and practices of the Hindu people of Bali. He told us about the Gods that they worshipped, the underlying theme and unshakable belief in ‘karma’ that oversees everything they do, and their practices of prayer. Most hindus pray in the morning and evening, with many opting for a midday prayer too. When we asked how he prayed, he chanted an incantation that was in essence acknowledging the Gods that they believed in, wishing that they continue to bless and protect their lives and those around them. But, for him and many of his people, their prayer was simply giving thanks. At two to three intervals over the day, he pauses to basically list the stuff he is grateful for and to say thank you to the mysterious forces that have gifted him with such blessings. I have total respect and understanding of people’s choice to their own religious affiliations, but to me, a born and raised Catholic school girl – this form of prayer resonates a whole lot more strongly than an old school biblical verse on repeat. For me anyway.

So, as I sit with a full belly of kale and sweet potato, all I can muster up for you tonight is my form of prayer, a sloppy kiss of thanks to the universe for the year that terrified me and the incredible blessings its bestowed. There might always be reason to feel sad or down or scared or held back; but there will always be a million more to be thankful and happy. Bust out your paper, pen, phone, mental checklist … I really couldn’t care less about the medium, but use this prompt as a reminder to just shout a little ‘cheers universe, I am pickin’ up what you’re putting down’ vibe and get grateful. Disclaimer – it’ll make more epic shit show up almost instantly. True story.


+ For days of sunshine

+ For sisterhood and mutual joy for one another’s endeavours, pursuits and celebrations

+ For a garden FULL of kale

+ For resilience and strength and growth – and for their existence even when they were begged not to show up

+ For flippin’ chocolate coated coffee beans

+ For inpromptu flights and airport hangs

+ Balinese sunrises, sunsets and smiles

+ Creative freedom

+ Words in all their delicious forms; for poems and prose that make me weak at the knees

+ For plush white robes and plunge pools

+ For the kindness of strangers and connecting with the right people at the right time (in row 10E of a Melbourne bound flight)

+ Universal timing and serendipitous guidance

+ Being human and raw and exposed and just owning it

+ For tiny bottles of wine

+ For trust and gut instincts and the inner knowing that we are all blessed with

+ For family

+ For friends

+ For adventures and the thirst to explore

+ For the possibility to still be surprised by what life throws at you, and secretly smiling about how good surprises feel sometimes

+ For soulful collaborations and the manifestation of big, bold and BOOMIN dreams

+ For belly laughs; post ab circuit

+ For magic makers and game changers and their constant strive to break the status quo and rock it

+ For the aforementioned to be sprinkled throughout my life – inspiring me to orchestrate the most epic of lives

+ For the richness, ripeness and possibility of erry single blessed day


Blessings and long, sappy lists of gratitude (with zero effs given) x

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