Why I’m ‘vego’ and why I always will be


I think it has been born out of curiosity rather than out of aggression but the question of “So … why are you vegetarian?” has been thrown at me a fair bit lately. So I thought I would use this forum as a bit of a platform to answer yo’ questions. For ease of reading and writing, I have done a top five but (trust me) there are a gazillion reasons that I’m a plant rocking kind of girl.

1 // Dizzy Izzie – the girl who taught me so very much about unconditional love and the truth about souls. It was indeed my fur baby who kick started my awareness of the collective consciousness of all species and earthlings on this little planet. I know not everyone will agree but, for me, I can’t distinguish between the life and worth of one animal compared to that of another. If I couldn’t bear the thought of my dog feeling even one ounce of pain (the days she had to get needles, I was a wreck) then how could I possibly participate in the harm of other animals? Io no comprende. All lives are equal. No ifs, maybes or buts.
2 // my mouth prefers it. Probably not the best subheading, rife with the possibility of double entendres, but I’m sticking with it. So many people are so often calling “bullshit” when they learn how much I crave kale erryday, how I would always reach for the fresh vege sticks at a party and bypass the cheese … but the truth is that I am so so grateful for my palate. Always the kid who asked for salad sandwiches when given an option of anything for lunch, I’ve carried these cravings with me into adulthood. Look, it could be a “chicken or egg” situation as to what actually developed first, but my love of fresh, healthy, vibrant plant based foods certainly aligns with my values of living a life that does not harm the lives of others … so who the bleep cares what came first? Hand me a stuffed medjool date yo!
3 // environmental impact. Learning about the animal agriculture industry and how our participation yields drastic consequences for our planet has been eye opening and choice affirming. It started off as an ethical and taste preference choice when I decided to cut meat and most animal products from my plate – but since learning about the unsustainability of our current western diet, it just solidifies my choice. Every day that I eat plant based I am saving a whopping 4163L of water, 3osqft of forest, 4.5kg of carbon dioxide, 20.4kg of grain and the life of one animal. That’s right, in just one day. A single day. No longer can we rest on the old adage ‘I’m just one person, I can’t make a difference’. Look at what just one person can help to achieve erryday. Even if you yourself are not enticed by going vego, consider maybe just one meat free day a week, knowing that this small change, amongst millions of humans all doin’ their bit on our planet, can create the most epic of change.
4 // health. Always the health nut and reading my way through the plethora of diet and nutrition books that saturate the market – the health benefits of eating only that which the earth provides us with was kind of too delicious and compelling to refute. Education is the most invaluable tool in our possession and books like The China Study, Crazy Sexy Diet, Make Peace with your Plate, the Earth Diet and Vegan Planet are eye opening, mind expanding and ass shrinking. Knowledge is power. If you ain’t a reader, get watching. Documentaries such as Food Inc, Food Matters and Forks over Knives are incredible viewing.
5 // for all the hippie feels. I don’t align myself with any one religion or group – I am kind of figuring out what I believe and honour and value as I go. But in terms of the sort of ‘overarching rules’ or aspirations that I use to guide my life and path? Well, these are perfectly captured in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (a prominent yogi text that explores one’s path to enlightenment) – including the first of five yamas, Ahimsa, or non-harming. Since adopting a plant based way of living and saying no to any and all practices that promote cruelty or violence towards any living being – I have experienced a profound shift in my connection to errything around me. My meditative practices are stronger, my connection to people in my lives are richer, my empathy and open mindedness have developed tenfold, and my belief in that little bit of magic that connects all earthlings is more unshakable than ever. You are what you eat, and you eat high vibe foods that were harvested with love and good energy – then how could you possibly be anything but a sparkly happy little human?!
So, there you go. Hopefully I didn’t step on any toes and didn’t ruffle feathers. But, I’m kind of past worrying about that in a way. I, in fact, hope that I kind of did pique your interest enough for you to go out and road test this life for yourself. Even just for one meal, one day, one week …
“If we could lead happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?”.
Damn straight.
Blessings and plant based jam donuts, x
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