I don’t know if you’ve noticed the evolving theme in my writing and posts but, as of late, I am all about debunking the naysayers and the beliefs that “I’m too small to make a difference” phooey. Apologies for the profanities that will likely be rife over the next few hundred words but furg that. Too small? Every single mammoth change within our Universe and on our planet has been sparked by a single idea or thought. I adore the old saying “if you think you’re too small to make a difference, you haven’t been stuck in a tent with a mosquito”. Right? That little guy is tiny, and annoying as fuck, and has the power to interrupt your sleep and ruin your night. You are always enough, and perfectly equipped, to spark change. But, for me, it’s more about the collective collaboration of movers and shakers that often makes my heart flutter. No matter how small, collective efforts become seismic and this (I believe) is where the magic happens.

For ease of following and applicabilty and in an effort to actually see this shit get done and traspire in the real world though – I’m going to keep it simples. I’ve narrowed yo’ list down to justfive simple changes that you can start to integrate into your life. See what I said there? “Start to integrate“, gentle and organic shifts in your routines and behaviours, and not all guns blazing ‘all the gear, no idea‘ styles. Chillax and have a play. Try them on for size. What works? What doesn’t? What one resonates with you hardcores and makes you want to go full throttle and live off the grid? Just have fun with it and allow yourself to be enchanted by the potential that these little tips have to not only enrich your life, allow you to fully express yourself and take your (gentle) place on this planet but it will also pave the way for a better future for your kids. And your kid’s kids. And then their kids. (And their pets and all the fuzzy critters too).


1 // say no to single use plastic. that means no plastic bottles, take away cups (sans lid, but the base also has a plastic lining), plastic cutlery, plastic plates, or disposable anythang! Plastic does not break down. Ever. It breaks down into smaller and smaller parts but it’s still plastic, and in its smaller ‘microplastic’ form it poses an even greater threat to our oceans and wildlife. So, when some genius thought of what material to use to make ONE TIME items and came up with a LIFELONG material, it created a bit of a cluster-eff for us.
2 // take three. A wicked sick initiative kick started to eliminate, or at least reduce, the amount of plastic and rubbish on our beaches. It couldn’t be more simple. Every time you’re out and about (the campaign is targeted mostly at our beaches and waterways), simply take three pieces of rubbish with you when you’re heading outtie. Sadly, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find at least three pieces of rubbish in close range to you anywhere you are. Dump ’em in a bin or recycle that which can be.
3 // learn about community projects in your area! What’s going on locally that you can be apart of? This will not only allow you to uncover little projects that fan your flames and that you can sink your teeth into, but also allow you to cross paths with likeminded people who are making a difference. For example – Dunsborough supports the Boomerang Bag initiative, with a little swarm of volunteers who create ‘loan bags’ for those who forget their canvas totes for their grocery shop (hey, we have all been there). These bags are placed in a massive vat out the front of our local IGA so that, if yours aren’t handy, you can borrow and still say no to silly single use plastic bags (see point one.grr).
4 // go one day (or seven … am I pushing my luck?) sans meat. Animal agriculture is the number one contributor to climate change. Saying no to one burger saves enough water to shower erryday for 3.5 weeks. Say wha? To learn more about how just a single day ‘off meat’ can change your planet, and potentially your health too – check out the Meatless Monday website. Still not sold? Check out this 2 minute video that explains all the nitty gritty deets for you.
5 // find out more about the way you live. Because we don’t know what we don’t know, right? The amazing team at WWF – an organisation I have supported for years and years – launched a cool little feature a while back that allows us to figure out how many earths it takes us to sustain our lives and lifestyles. The calculator takes into account your diet, home, environment, transport usage, shopping habitsetc to give a representative indication of the demands your way of living places on your greater world. Check it out here! I usually update mine every 6 months or so to see how my changes are impacting on my carbon footprint.

Blessings and a happy, healthy planet (please) x

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