We have all been told, at one time in our lives, that ‘it’ll happen when you least expect it’. When we are hell bent on finding the perfect job, the perfect relationship, the perfect home … we tend to abandon the concept of ease and instead grasp, grovel and strain. We disregard what we know to be true, that the real magic comes when we approach things with a sense of ease and a happy//conscious un-attachment to an outcome, and we instead favour a ‘hustle, hustle, hustle’ mentality. Look, I’m all for the hustle, don’t get me wrong. I believe that hustle, ambition and drive are the cornerstone of authentic and purposeful lives (and coincidently are my number one turn ons) – however there’s a way to hustle with heart and presence.

So often we are ‘eye on the prize’ and not so much conscious throughout the journey because we are fixed gaze on the destination. The destination is certainly important but, when you pause and think about it, where do we spend most of our time? Within the journey. Hopping along these incremental little stepping-stones that decorate our path. It makes sense then that we need to find our happy here, and not simply wish it away on our journey to the end goal.

I’m donning my hippie hat for a few short minutes so either bare with me, or fast forward to the next paragraph where it’s a little less ‘Harry Potter-esque’. I’m a huge believer in energy. I don’t think my beliefs in just how powerful we are and how much more there is to us, beyond the physical, can ever be shaken. So when it comes to this bizniz, my energetic mumbo jumbo certainly comes into play. Imagine if we could see energy (and, heads up, a lot of people can so make sure yours is super pretty). How would your energy look in the times where you are feverishly trying to bring something to fruition. Trying to get the guy, land the job or whatever. How does this look and feel? Personally, mine can be likened to a rabid dog, frenetic, angular and jaunty energy. It feels effortful, inauthentic, uncomfortable and gnarly. On the flip side, when we endeavor to reach our goal without compromising our kindness, gentleness and compassion towards others, and ourselves it feels fluent and we move with ease. It looks softer, it looks slower (but consistent) and it leads us organically in the direction that we are destined to move in. So, what’ll it be, rabid dog or zen monk? Which energy do you think will attract chaos and which will attract enchantment?b90ec5433fd8c0e04a76610fdbd6cffa

As of late, there has been a recurrent theme in the lives and stories of those around me, and (as the universe often do) this has been mirrored in my own little adventure. This theme is something along the lines of ‘follow what lights you up, makes you happy, amplifies the real you … and watch the good stuff (that’s undeniably meant for you) flood in’. I’ve had people share that after giving up on love and declaring that their energy instead be focused on themselves and what makes them happy – suddenly crossing paths with their absolute dream girl//guy. People who have busted their asses, counted calories, declared war and forever fought with the way their body wanted to express itself, suddenly waving the white flag, announcing a friendship between mind and body and in turn have seen their dream physique start to manifest itself. This ain’t coincidence, this is what happens when you stop straining and start accepting.

Not at all an excuse to ‘give up’ or to lay back lazily and just assume that errything will magically arrive, uh no sunshine. That ain’t how it works. Work towards what you want, each and every day, but do so with love and the best of intentions. Do so because you love the journey just as much as the destination, that if you were to never arrive at where you planned to, it wouldn’t matter because the way there was so insanely beautiful. Do so because that’s what feels right for you, its how you’re conditioned to be, act, connect and behave.

Need more proof because you’re a full blown skeptic who needs tangible evidence that all dis is legit? Well, here’s my personal take on how all this has made its way into the way I live and the journey thus far. This year fucking terrified me. I’m not talking a little, I’m talking a lot. Almost giving up because I just didn’t see how it would work out, kind of fear. I had recently lost everytjing that I considered made me ‘me’. Rather than being all ‘woe is me’, which is a temting card to play fo’ sho’, I decided to give myself 12 months to just do me. To follow whatever called, to pursue what felt right, to be done with the ‘shoulds’ and ‘guilt’ and overhyped view of what a successful life at 27 looked like. And guess what the eff happened? Opportunities that I couldn’t have even dreamed of started to arise, because these collaborative businesses and organizations sensed that I was legit and was owning my creative voice; I uncovered hobbies and talents that I didn’t even know I would dig but that would ultimately prove to be some of my greatest assets; I fostered even deeper conections with those in my life as I showed up raw, exposed and so very me; and I attracted some of the most wonderful, kind, fun, loving and inspiring people who continue to prove what an adventure this one life can be. This is what can happen when you trust in life, surrender to forces unknown and cultivate an unshakable belief that what’s intended for you, will always find its way.

So instead of subscribing to the age old adage of ‘it’ll happen when you least expect it’ – if that doesn’t resonate with you or doesn’t dose you up with a big case of da feels and magic – flip it instead to, one of my personal favourites, “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety”.

Blessings and total awe of what happens when you remove the hustle and make way for the good x

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