The concept of accountability and taking responsibility has been a pretty in-my-face universal lesson as of late. Presenting itself both through the actions and experiences of those in my life; and also challenging me to respond during a few of my own recent obstacles (let’s call these ‘life pickles’ because it sounds more fun and delicious). I shared a link last week by Free + Native that raised the concept of everything in our lives falling into one of three categories – things we have manifested; things we have been unclear about ‘grey area’; and lessons. This calls for huuuuuuge servings of accountability on our part – as this concept suggests, we are completely responsible (through our crystal clear intentions or lack thereof) for every one of our experiences and circumstances. OR life is delivering us lessons.

I was feeling a shit-tonne of financial pressure recently – just one of those weeks when bills came in hard and fast, mistakes were costing me big-time and unexpected expenses came a-creepin’. It sent me into a wee bit of a tailspin as I continually dipped into my (already pretty scant) savings and handed over my money. Thoughts of ‘I’m so poor’, ‘it’s not fair, I work so hard and have no money’, ‘this is tough’ were rife. But during a walk, I had a super clear and overwhelming thought//epiphany. Money and finances have never and will never (I can’t foresee …) be a priority in my life. When I think about the greatest values that I hold dear for a live well lived – money doesn’t even come close to featuring. So, my epiphany fuelled self-monologue told me, ‘If you don’t value money, why the eff would the Universe send you abundance?’. Touché wise old inner Emily, tou-fucking-ché.


It got me thinking in inspirational quotes (that’s totally normal isn’t it?) such as ‘where attention goes, energy flows’; ‘what we focus on, expands’ etc. So what then was I calling in from the universe? What did I declare to be of the utmost importance? Family//friends//relationships; fun and adventure; ecology; connectedness; simple living; kindness … and guess what amigos? It is these areas of my life that shine, that attract goodness and flow with absolute ease. If I find myself experiencing financial strain, it’s because all I have ever told the universe is that I don’t really place value on or find importance in money. Money to me, is an undeniable part of living and participating within society, but it falls so so low on my list of shit to put first in my life that it barely registers.

With nothing outwardly changing, my finances just the same as they were before this epiphany stream-of-consciousness, I all of a sudden had an epic internal shift from powerlessness to a sense of control. I took complete and total responsibility for the situation that lay before me, and thus surrendered all of those completely useless ‘woe is me’ thoughts. My life is, and always will be, orchestrated solely by me and I am the one that chooses which parts of my life I greet with ease and which feel a little tight in the crouch, so to speak.


Where are you focusing at present? What areas of your life do you hold of high importance? Do these then align with where you feel happy//flow//ease? If what you’re declaring to the ether isn’t really reflective of what you truly want//value – consider a rejig.

You got this. Literally.

Blessings and epiphanies galorrrrrre x

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