Love is (seriously) all around …


Love. I swear it’s the most idolised, highly regarded, put on a shelf kind of emotion of all. But the older I get, and the more lessons I learn from both happiness and heartbreak, the more I believe myself to be ‘qualified’ to shed light on this dense topic.

Love is the greatest and most benevolent, potent force in the world. I, hand over heart, believe that to be true. It’s the underpinning of everything that is wonderful in our world. But here’s where my, and I’m guessing your, mind has been a little confused. Love isn’t limited to solely those romantic stirrings of the heart. Sure, they are great and intense and phenomenal, but they aren’t the be all and end all of love.

Full disclosure – when my relationship of 8 years ended in July this year, I was certain that my capacity for love and my ability to be loved, left with it. The loss caused me to question everything. Who I was, where I was headed, what my life had in store for me, what was important, where I should live//work//escape to … One facet of my life broke and, like a loose thread on a jumper, it caused my whole world to unravel with one swift tug. I placed romantic love on such a pedestal, believing it was the only thing that could fulfil me and give me purpose. Without it, seriously, what was the point?

But one of the greatest blessings to have emerged from this (and there have been incredible lessons that have been born of the carnage) is how incredibly profound my appreciation for love, in all of its forms, is now. I have such adoration for the friends and family in my life (my ex partner also very much included in this), I am head over heels in love with where I live, my work, my passions, life … Love is that buzzing current that ignites joy and sparks creativity and purpose and it does NOT solely reside within the confines of romantic love.

Love (in its stereotypical boy meets girl style) is hallmark approved and media slaughtered – so naturally we strive for this and only this, thinking that this love is the be all and end all. I promise you it isn’t. Acknowledge and witness love in all of its forms and watch it grow and manifest and explode across every single area of your life.


Action step – Write down three things that you’re heart explodingly in love with right now. (Mine are the ocean // yoga // my tribe).

No single form of love is greater or lesser than any other form. Relish in the love that exists within you and in between the people in your life (romantic, platonic or otherwise). Love is love. And it’s fucking dope.



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