Me-oh-my, didn’t 2015 get its sneak on and just creep all up in our space! I returned to my dear old south west abode on the 11th and was just blown away at how unprepared I felt for 2015. Normally, by this stage, I would have vision boards made and mounted; goals strung up as visual reminders around every turn; a step by step ‘action plan’ for the year to come … I have nothin’. And, for once, that feels kind of nice. I’ve allowed myself space. Breathe in, breathe out, repeat.

After a week away – sans technology, sans communication with the outside world, sans anything really except sun, sea and fish – I was gifted time to reflect on what I really wanted this year to be. How it and I could work together to serve one another and others.  How I wanted my life to look, sound and feel. As I waited, stranded at a country Repco after our engine had seemingly cooked itself, I splashed out a ‘stream of consciousness’ brain dump 0f how this year, and every day within it, could be used to steer my life in the direction I want it to go. The mental scramble of words across the page ultimately fell into two overarching categories – personal growth and spiritual growth. Sure, I threw in a few ideas about how I could expand and grow my businesses and how I want them to develop over the year, but this seemed to come from a place that didn’t so much reflect financial goals//gains but rather how best I could get my ethos, my passions and my talents out to others. In other words, this was all about personal growth. Presenting as me, first and foremost, in my work environments, relationships, health and fitness endeavours – just a reflection of the highest potential I feel that I can reach. And this may or may not be a greater or lesser potential; than I have reached before, or will reach in the future, it’s just a reflection of the best I can do right now, in the present moment. And in all the ‘present moments’ and ‘nows’ that make up my year ahead.

Personal Growth – I have declared this year my fittest year yet. After dabbling in and out of nutrition experimentations and holistic wellness practices over the years – I kind of feel like my ‘eating’ side of things is pretty solid. I feel happy and healthy when I eat plant based foods that are lovingly and healthily prepared; I enjoy treats in moderation and I am sure to have greens with every meal. BUT in the fitness arena, I don’t feel like I’ve had the consistency or discipline required to really showcase any sort of results. So this year is the year of the fit. I also want to push myself a little more out of my comfort zone, pursue volunteer roles where possible and to say ‘yes’ to opportunities that will stretch and challenge me. Personal growth for me is also about continuing to develop in my wisdom and maturity as I venture into life as a bonafide adult (holy shitballs). But learning to ‘not sweat the small stuff’ and to adopt a much more calm, accepting and tolerant view of my world. Taking care of myself and my needs, granting myself both permission and space to look after myself when I need and say ‘no’ when I need some slack.

Spiritual growth – This is the direction a lot of my energy and focus has been steered towards as of late and, hey, a girl’s gotta listen to her hunches. So 2015 for me is about honouring, nurturing and growing my spirit. To re-establish my soulful connections to the earth, all of life, my relationships and myself! I want to be present when talking with loved ones; be committed to myself and my spiritual routines; to be a conscious and proactive little earthling and remain connected and mindful during this crazy year ahead. This desired growth, for me, is achievable through a few teeny tiny commitments. One is that I park my butt on my meditation cushion every few days (building up to daily, but easy does it buttercup) and the second is my commitment to my yoga practice (20min mat time erryday, whatever style, whatever format).

I’ve saved my goals and my ‘year ahead’ brain dump both in my journal and my phone; reflecting on it every day to ensure that, yep, today I did something that cements my place on this path that I coursed for myself.

And of course, my loyal little cherubs, this year has a few things planned up ahead that directly affect you (for the better I’m hopin’!). The blog will be running a few more Vlog posts over the year (I’ve set myself a minimum number, but hoping I exceed this over the year!); the launch of the Blessed Bookclub; collaborations with other bloggers and magazines; regular posts and features all up in this space; I’m hoping to run a few workshops and events in collaboration with other likeminded soul seekers in the community and a WHOLE love of love and liaisons with YOU my darling readers.

So that’s 2015, at a glance, for me and BTM. What do you think? Does it rev your engine like it does mine?

What do YOU have planned for your superstar selves this year? Share in the comments below, flick me an email or find us on facebook//insta!

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Blessings and great big eyes, drunk with dizzying ambition x

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